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  • Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Although there is no Feast today or maybe some are digging out old Feasts, Pookie just finished some little pieces of chicken. So I told her I will invent a Feast, which she approved (I should include chicken )

    We were asked to produce three questions and sent them in. That's a good idea, so the other members can also dig in their heads to find some intelligent questions which have never ever been asked.

    I thought about "How many lovers have you had in your life" ?

    But this is not a good question. Again because of the difference between men and women. Although God created first the man (as a draft) and then the woman (as masterpiece, because of the rib), the reaction of people would be quite different.

    If a man answeres "I had about 86" he will be considered as a hero, a Casanova or whatever, men and women will admire him and he will walk around like a proud rooster (never seen a shy one) and tell it to everybody who wants to know (or not).

    With a woman it's completely different. If she says "I had 86 lovers" (why 86 ???) everybody would tell her to be ashamed, that she behaved like a whore (prostitutes get money) she should confess and anyway no man would marry or even take her as a partner. Nobody would look at her anymore she would loose most of her friends and the neighbours would whisper behind her back.

    For that reason all blogging women here could never answer this question HONESTLY. What would other female Bloggers think ? Her comment box would be overfilled with insults or not very kind remarks, suggestions about reading the bible etc., and the male Blogger would ask about her private address.

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    I made a separate blog for my paintings ...

    mar said...

    I would ask the honest female blogger with her many lovers about tips for me to become a better lover, lol!
    But facing reality you are right, it is not a good question due to "moral" issues... but I think it is a glorious one for blogging purposes!

    Anonymous said...

    So true - it would be a very tough question to ask and answer. I could answer it honestly, and not have any problems with it (I have on other forums, when the topic has come up) but I know it has sparked controversy and heated discussion when we have discussed it!

    I had fun coming up with a bunch of questions. :) I hope some of them are chosen. :)

    Have a good Friday! :)

    Bob-kat said...

    Hi. That perfectly sums up the dichotomy of society - after all, who are all these 'Roosters' taking as lovers?

    Liked the picture :-)

    Grammie said...

    Hi Gattina.....I love to visit your blog every day! You know that you are one of my favorites....I don't always have time to leave a comment...but please know that I do come by!

    I'm off to Florida this morning and will return on Wednesday!

    Take care,

    happy and blue 2 said...

    Men and women both lie about the numbers. Roosters and hens, however, don't generally talk about it, ha,ha..

    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    That would be something huh! 86 lovers in your life. How in the world can a woman do this? Love your photo. There isn't much evolution for a woman I can see.
    Thanks for stopping by and till then.

    DellaB said...

    Hi Gattina, I've been reading all through your blog since my last visit - I really love your sense of humour, such funny things you have, and your stories have me ROTFL ...

    I heard somewhere that if you took the numbers of men's claimed lovers, and the number of womens and added them together, then took an average, that would be about right - in other words, both men and women lie, one up, one down and the true answer is somewhere about in the middle!

    good topic, thanks

    Mandy said...

    Hmm this is true. Times have changed over the years, many many traditions have died out.. but there still seems to be this one. Why is it such a sin for a woman to have had many lovers.. why does society still see that as wrong, but for a man that's perfectly understandable..

    It's about time this tradition died out in my opinion.

    Mandy x