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  • . She also showed her maps and informs about the rules. I think it is very interesting for all of us to see were we have been ! create your personalized map of europe This looks very impressive ! But of course I haven't been in the whole countries, it was only one place or maybe two or three. Except of course Italy, there I know almost the whole country. In Germany, France, Spain and UK I know more and also in Egypt, Morocco, Tunesia and Turkey. Belgium doesn't count as I live here. create your own personalized map of the USA Here too, I even wondered myself. But it's true I crossed all these States and visited the tourist points of course and this during a period from 1988 - 1996 when we visted my aunt who lived in Madison/Wisc. and stayed with her for 2 weeks. The first two weeks we spent by driving around and visited the country.


    nyasha said...

    These maps are wonderful. I did my map back in June, i will leave the link in case you want to check it out! ;)

    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    That's a lot of countries visited, but you missed one: SWEDEN ;-)

    But do come here in the summertime if you decide too, June-August....

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