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  • Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Pookie insisted to have put on her favourite hat as today there are visitors and on top of that she is ashamed of what I intend to write. She told me that visitors would more concentrate on her hat and therefore less on my writings.

    My husband asked me to sew a botton on his shirt. Of course, I told him, I will do that right away !!

    But then :

    1. The telephone rang and my girlfriend was on reporting to me about the funerals of her mother in law and the last funny adventures of her 2 year old grand daughter. One and a half hour later I knew everything and could hang off.

    2. I noticed that I hadn't called my only cousin in Germany and as I had already the phone in my hand I called her. She were very pleased and updated me on the last happenings in her family. Satisfied 45 min later I could hang off.

    3. My painting stuff needed absolute priority so I checked on colors and canvas. No canvas anymore.

    4. I decided to take my car and go for a shopping at least to buy canvas. Which I did.

    5. As I already were in town, I decided that I absolutely needed something new for my own happiness so I went to my favourite store.

    6. In the shop I met a woman whom I hadn't seen for ages, we had been at Art School together.

    7. We left the shop (I didn't buy anything) and sat down together in a Café. The updating of all fellow classmates took 2 h and then both refilled with news happily departed.

    8. Returning home, I met my neighbour on the street. As it were to cold to stay outside she proposed to go inside. The last updating of both our lifes and the neighbourhood took one hour and a half.

    9. It was already late and time to prepare supper. This took me 10 min. Eating, the News and a crime story on TV later, it was time to go to bed.

    10. I forgot the button

    11. Days flew by

    12. My husband asked me about his shirt and if I had sawn his button. Unfortunately I had to admit that I forgot about it and I would do it right away.

    13. Oh, my god, writing this I realize the button is still not on the shirt ! and we are three weeks later !!!

    I promise, after "Publish Post" I will do it right away

    to be continued ....

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    Gattina said...

    Sorry, the comments did not work somebody told me, so this is a check only.

    Jen said...

    Are you me? Because, with the exception of the artsy stuff (I only manage to do craftsy stuff) this is exactly the sort of thing that happens to me! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my T-13. Your comment cracked me up :-)

    Anonymous said...

    I know how that is, that's for sure!

    That Cleaning Lady said...

    GIve your husband some thread and a needle and instructions like this: needle in the hole, up, needle in the hole down... repeat over and over and watch not to stick your finger and bleed on your shirt.

    Anonymous said...

    Pookie looks very cute in that hat. :)

    Good luck getting that button sewn on. ;) I have one I need to sew on a pair of my pants. *blush* Fortunately, when my husband needs something sewn, he does it himself. Gotta love that army training! ;) *grin*

    Happy T13. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Haha, great list! Thanks for stopping by my list today.

    The Mistress of the Dark said...

    LOL! Great list! Have a wonderful TT! Mine are up :)

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, finally, I can open the comment box - Blogger was being difficult again.
    Well, personally, I think it's much more important to buy new stuff (definitely canvas, that reminds me that I also have to buy it!) and have some social chit-chat-time with friends, then to sow on a button. Don't you think so? :)
    [besides, if your hubby needs that shirt, I'm sure he can also figure out how a needle and thread works, right? ;)]
    Thanks for visiting my TT and to reply to your comment: a day doesn't go by where I don't think about moving to England!

    happy and blue 2 said...

    Wouldn't it be easier just to buy your husband a new shirt, ha,ha..

    Moobear said...

    You are so funny! Also so much like me. I, of course, would forget on purpose as I do not like to sew on buttons. I love days like you just described. Enjoy those days my friend. I would love to be able to sit down with you over coffee and just chat the hours away. Why come things we want cannot happen? Oh, that is life, I suppose. Thanks for your friendship. You bring joy into my life through your blog!
    I got Explorer 7.0 whupped, I ain't too bad, eh?

    Lazy Daisy said...

    Love the diagram of the female brain. You sound like you have too many diversions in your life....but don't most of us! I would have lost the button by the time I had time to sew it back on! Ha!

    nyasha said...

    that diagram was hillarious! I lack the shopping section of the brain, but the chocolate section must be bigger than most! LOL!

    mar said...

    I told you I love your sense of humor! and I loved the diagram :)

    ribbiticus said...

    haha! love it! thanks for stopping by! ;)

    tiggerprr said...

    It sounds like a lovely day! :) Buttons can wait! :)