When I saw Pookie admiring my plant, I suddenly had an idea about what to write today. Sometimes minds take strange ways !

Can you imagine how the world would be if drugs where legalized ? I think that would be a catastropy for the world market. There are so many things involved, direct or indirect. E.g. the film industry. What would movies show if there where no drug crimes anymore ? A catastrophe. They had to find other subjects, but what ? Most crime stories are based on drugs. Drug dealing, drug smuggeling, drug addicts, etc. For this reason, there would be less movies, less actors, and of course less money.

If there were no drug dealing or murders because of drugs, there would be less policemen, less lawyers, less judges etc. They would all be on benefit.

If drug addicts could go into a pharmacy and buy it free or in a supermarket, what would happen then ? More consumers ? One thing is for sure, they wouldn't have to go in criminal mileus anymore and therefore not meet criminals. If it's only canabis (this has been always allowed see the hippy years), nobody would suggest them to take cocain instead, because it is better. Result less drug dealers and the prisons would be almost empty and not overcrowed any more, and the poor guardians on benefit too.

There also would be less dogs trained for drug searches and less costum officers. And I could go on. So in short, the economical system would brake down. That's why finally every country is happy about this situation and keeps on. Now don't think that I am FOR drug consuming not at all ! It exists and we cannot close the eyes in front of this problem. But there is not enough help. To put all drug consumers in prison, is not a solution. It's just as if you would put all alcool addicted people in a prison because this also is a drug. Just look at history, in the 1920th alcool consuming was forbidden in America, and what a mess came out of that ! Al Capone and buddies had a nice time ! Of course you would say, that's because people are drinking and should switch over to sodas and water, but this also is impossible. There had always been drinkers and will always be. But sometimes you slip into something you never thought about. Drug addicts are mostly victims as real big drug dealers don't take any drugs and often are "honest" family fathers.

Every country should do more to help drug addicts instead of punishing them. There are not enough hospitals or other places to get an appropriate treatment that helps them to get clean.

In Holland they allow free consumption of hashish. There are so called "coffee shops" all over, just like pubs, bars or restaurants, where you can sit down and look at the menue card and choose what you want (prices depend on quality). It's nice in there, it's just like a pub, bar or café and you can also go in there just for a drink, there is music and people are discussing and chatting.

The experience of that was, that the canabis consumption dropped drastically for the dutchs ! Unfortunately not for the tourists who just go there because consumption is allowed (so said drug tourists). There are even warnings in those coffee shops, telling the tourists in which country is just a drug control ! And as dutchs are allowed to smoke their joints they don't need to go anymore in criminal places where they are offered other stuff than canabis. (I forgot to say that you can have canabis plants and let them grow. There are even packages on sale, with seed, lamps and instruction sheet).

So it is and will be a big proplem of our society. And I pity the poor parents, living with such a child.

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PC Pookie is angry and doesn't talk to me today as I am leaving this afternoon for my holidays. I found her this morning squatting my suitcase so that I cannot pack !


Moobear said...

I WILL MISS YOU! But I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation. I wish I could be with you for part of your journey as we have so much to talk about. So we will have to remain for the time as internet friends which will suffice.I appreciate you! Have a safe trip, take care and I am looking already for your return. We will be here a waitin on ya.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hello--It's not often I find a blogger who is the same age I am--63! Most of these bloggers are pretty young, I find.

I agree with your ideas about legalizing drugs. But! I think if it were done, it would have to be under some strict guidelines. Otherwise, people would be driving under the influence and having wrecks.

mar said...

Have a wonderful vacation and take many pics to share with us :)

I also think cannabis should be legalized. And give those cocaine growers in the 3rd world countries better prices for other greens so they can switch!

Jeanette said...

have a wonderfull holiday and a safe return with plenty photos