What about New Year's 2006 resolution ?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Last year, not yet a blogging chick ! At new year's eve we were only the two of us with our four cats. So we had a nice meal and I told myself that next year (that means this one) I would do something to change my life and not sitting around the whole day watching TV or going out for lunch with girlfriends and other not very satisfying stuff. I wasn't happy at all with my life as a retired woman.
Today I can say I changed my life this year and I realized what I had promised myself.
I go swimming every day (I haven't moved a single muscle for years) I travel with a girlfriend or alone, as my husband prefers to stay home. I could go somewhere every month even for only a couple of days. I didn't give up my painting group and like it very much again I started blogging. First with one blog and now I have four. This keeps me busy and it's interesting especially my travel blog where I have to look for documentation.
I also started photography and bought a new camera.
So when I look back to the past year, I am quite happy with me.

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and this maybe is for next year ?

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ribbiticus said...

great going! retirement should never mean it is the end of all the fun and excitement. in fact, it should just be the beginning of another meaningful chapter in life. this should be an inspiration to the many out there who don't think there is much to do after retiring. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you have a wonderful attitude! I wish I were in Belgium, so I could go traveling around Europe, too. I still work, age 63, although I often contemplate retirement. I look forward to reading about your trip to Turkey.

Karmyn R said...

Visiting from the carnival!

Great attitude on life! Cute cartoons too!`

That Cleaning Lady said...

Glad you're home, I'm very happy that Pookie didn't dis-own you and move into your husband's bed. My cats don't speak to me for at least a day when we get back from trips, unless I feed them, of course. Glad the camel didn't bite you, maybe he smelled your cigarettes and thought you smoked Camels!! Welcome home!!

DellaB said...

I don't usually make New Year resolutitions, but funnily enough I did last year too - same as yours; do something different this year, and then I started to blog, also making the turningsixty website was fun, but mostly I have worked on being happy with things I have I guess?

mousie said...

that's a greatprogram dear, i'm happy to see you making intersting things...go on...
see you