THURSDAY 13 - Oh God ! There are 13 GATTINAS

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I am shocked, I found 13 Gattinas in the Web, and I really were convinced to be the only one ! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So what ? said PC Pookie before settling down and making this face.

1. A Gattina from New Jersey USA writing about dessert recepees (that would never come in my mind, writing about food !)

2. A Gattina from Italy with a photo blog about cats (what else ? it's not surprising as Gattina means kitty in italian

3. A Gattina asking herself what she is still doing in Italy as she wants to live in England

4.A Gattina from Rome with a photo blog mostly cats (strange, would never have believed that)

5. A Gattina, with a photo blog. She definitively could notbe me, she is a young girl and shows mostly pictures of her friends in parties. Maybe I would have done this a few years ago (or many years ago)

6. Gattina from Florida offering her services (I don't precise here what kind of services, some female readers would be shocked. But I swear, it's not me !!!

7. A Gattina who had created on her blog an online community for creative individuals with a passion for life and a blend for madness and moodiness. (not yet)

8. A gattina with a cat blog about persian cat breeds (which of course she intended to sell)

9. another with silver tabbies

10. Gattina with a blog called "La mia cucina" which means "my kitchen" ! I cannot believe it, Gattinas apparently have no other interests than kitchen and cats ? Oh yes I forgot the services.

11. and again a gattina with a blog asking "what did you eat "? I should create such a blog and you should write in there what you eat, so that I can tell you if it's healthy or not. Would make a lot of traffic on this blog !

12 Gattina "Dreams to remember" (I sleep like a marmot therefore have no dreams)

13. A Gattina with a blog" who really betrayed Jesus ?"

That's a good question anybody knows ?

Most of the Gattinas came from Italy. Fortunately we have different addresses and therefore nobody could ask me about recepees or special services. About cats it's OK why not.

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Lindsay said...

cool 13!!!
mines up!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I too got myself caught up with blogging when I read other people's cool blog. :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?

By the way, Gov't Mule is a term that sprung up from the Civil War era.

40 acres and a mule is the colloquial term for compensation that was to be awarded to freed American slaves after the Civil War. 40 acres (16 ha) of land to farm, and a mule with which to drag a plow so the land could be cultivated.

The band took their name from that piece of American history.

thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Great list ~ something I wouldn't have thought of doing.

Thanks for stopping by my 13!

Happy Thursday!

kristarella said...

Hey, good idea. Did you really find exactly 13 Gattina's?!
I'm curious about the services, I never really thought about it but I guess you could sell that stuff on the net. Still, at least street-walkers can see their customers before they say yes or no.

Obsidian Kitten said...

are you certain the "services" did not include providing recipes and answering questions about (or perhaps selling) cats? just checking.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh yes, well, it now occurs to me that pussy does mean one thing in English which would *not* suggest the four-legged feline creature


That's a good idea. Maybe I'll try looking at Friday's Child too when I'm not too busy.
thanks for passing by.

Kuanyin said...

Have fun on your holiday! You received the same award as did I...that guy Alan sure gets around! :-) Blessings, Kuanyin

Silver said...

Great idea for a list - happy TT:)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

neat list and I love the cartoon!

Happy TT


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid there are loooooooots of Tinkerbells! :-)
I love your TickerFactory!
My TT is about witches.

~Velda said...

What a great 13! I love your name, of course I love cats! That was alot of fun to read.

Anonymous said...

AAAH so many gattina's! :)
And honestly, what can be more important then food and cats? Nothing, right? So no wonder all these Gattina's write about it ;)
Thanks for visiting my TT!

mar said...

You are the one and only!
Happy TT!

john said...

I must admit , it's the 1st time I've heard of the name ' Gattina ' . I thought it's some variation or play of ' Tina 'or 'Got Milk?'.Got to go . Bye .

Anne said...

It must have been destiny. Gattina and Cats are like two peas in a pod. Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Lazy Daisy said...

Totally loved your 13 and the blog reviews...who knew? Hope you have a great holiday.

The Schooligan said...

The internet is an amazing place. Cute list.

Mandy said...

That's a great idea. I only know one Gattina and that's you lol. Happy Thursday!

Mandy :=)

Michelle said...

That is amazing! So, now do you subscribe to any other Gattinas?

Christine said...

A very creative T13! I know now that Gattina is kitty in Italian.
Loved the cartoon.
Happy Thursday!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Neat list! Thanks for visiting my site. :D

Nadiah Alwi said...

It's not easy to accept that we share names with other isn't it?

I thought I was the only person named NADIAH ALWI but when I searched in Google, I found another girl with the exact same name. That's really annoying.


Happy TT, anyway ...

Joy Renee said...


loved your TT and your blog.
i love cats and writing myself
and blogging.

did you know that your sidebar is place correctly in the separate post pages? wonder what the difference is. if you could figure that out maybe you could fix the front page. i've had my own sidebar woes. i messed mine up once and since then have been shy about changing it. but serious blogging requires it does it not?

your sidebar is as fun to explore as your posts.

This was my first TT and I clicked on your link in the hub's blogroll because your title had the word writer in it.

have a great holliday.
hope PC Pookie forgives you when you get home.