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This time I had to choose a male cat and not PC Pookie. So Arthur represents what I found out about man (of course not mine !!)


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting There are a lot of reasons that you better share your life with a cat than with a man :

1. They don't discuss on cars all the time

2. They don't talk about football all the time

3. They don't watch TV the whole sunday

4. They don't leave their clothes everywhere

5. They don't have dirty stinking socks to wash

6. They always eat what you prepare (or mostly)

7. They don't snore but purr

8. They don't fill up the whole fridge with beer cans

9. They don't go in Pubs, and come home happily boozed

10. They don't smell beer when they come in bed

11. They don't need a hospital for a little cold

12. They don't get excited about politics

13. They don't look after women (cats) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Do you put your mobile phone on the right or the left side of your plate ??

(If you wish you can read about Halloween and black cats )

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    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    That was very amusing. And about the mobile phone. I never bring my mobine phone on the dining table but if ever I do, it would be on the left because I use my left hand for texting and answering my mobile phone.
    Thanks for passing by.

    mar said...

    They don't snore but purr, how cute! I loved your list. I need to get a cat.
    Happy TT! cell phones have changed our table manners, lol

    SilverWillow said...

    WaaaHooo ! And that is exactly why...I have a cat. LOL
    Your TT is the cat's pajamas!
    My TT is up...

    The Mistress of the Dark said...

    That's why I have 5 cats! Especially 8-10!

    Thanks for stopping by my site :)

    Anonymous said...

    *LOL*, great list! I'll have to show it to my hubby and my cats! ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by!

    ren.kat said...

    you obviously never met the cats I had. . . ;-)

    Katia said...

    *lolol* Great list. Must be true... I have 3 cats, and no man...

    Janet said...

    LOL! Great list, I hate stinky socks!

    Grammie said...

    Loved the list!!!! How true....
    The cartoon is certainly a 'sign of the times'....
    I like this little comment list...great idea.
    Have a nice day! : )

    happy and blue 2 said...

    Ha,ha,ha..great list..
    Oh,wait I am a man. What the heck..

    Anonymous said...

    Cute list! :D I guess I'm lucky - the only thing on that list that would apply to my hubby is snore! :D Fortunately, he rolls over when I give him a poke, and when he lies on his side, he doesn't snore. :)

    I do love cats, though, and can't wait until Dragonheart joins us (he's an adorable Sphynx kitten that will join our family when he's old enough).

    Thanks for stopping by and happy TT. :)

    Le laquet said...

    But they make me sneeze and men dont ... unfortunate but true!

    s@m said...

    Ah, cats! So much easier then men - except mine likes to crap on the floor besinde the litter box (the cat, not the man).

    Mine's up!!

    Jeanette said...

    Hi Gattina
    Nice post on cats!great cartoon
    Im Pet sitting my daughters Dog
    and siamese Kitten, and the kitten has adopted my bed Inever thought Iwould ever share my bed with a cat but shes adorable .

    Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

    that makes sense! except cats make my eyes itch and sneeze uncontrollably. too bad for me!