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While I told Pookie my "adventures" in Turkey, she discovered a cable and started to play ! We had stopped at a site with the unspeakable name "Nevsehir Kaymakli" where orthodox christians had built a whole village in the rocks, to protect themselves from the invading arabs. It was so very well hidden that you couldn't see anything from outside if there were not tourists lined up at the entrance. A lot of Japanese as usual, armed with their cameras.

Our guide warned us that this isn't something for claustrophobians and they better should stay outside. But as in our group nobody suffered from that, we all were keen to go inside. The guide also told us that the passage ways were very narrow and very low and we had to keep our heads bent. Ok, we all thought, that's nothing. But we didn't know that the passages were so narrow and so low.

We all crawled in with heads and knees bent, except old Leo who was 78 years old had a very big belly and couldn't bend his knees. But somehow he managed this bravely. He was a very funny man with a lot of humour and always joking about himself. At the beginning it was a little strange, but we crawled through bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens and ended in a hall where they had kept their food. We all had pronounced our astonishment by ah's and oh's and when we finally went in there and could even stand up, everybody felt a little more comfortable. Except poor Leo, he tried and tried and finally got stuck ! He sat their in the corridor, with stretched legs and his head stuck at the rock ceiling and had quite some troubles with his big belly. Afterwards we all found this very funny and laughed a lot about it, especially Leo who asked me to not forget to tell this here (Hi, Leo !) but in this very moment we didn't find that funny at all. So all together we tried to pull and push him out ! One who was behind him tried to push his back and we in front tried to pull his legs. Nobody dared to take a picture of stuck Leo, for which he blamed us afterwards. After a while with big sighs, groanings , moarnings and gruntings he suddenly moved and with some big effort we pulled and pushed him out. We all were very relieved and Leo, all red in his face and sweating, sat down on a rock and tried to get his breath back. After a while finally we all could get out without any problem and from this moment on Leo were teased all the time when we had to go in a narrow passage or even in an elevator. The picture above shows you one of these passages where we had to crawl through.

Then we visited another site where people had built their houses in the rocks and it had become a whole village.

A policeman stand in front of this rock (see picture above, aside or at the bottom, it depends on Bloggers mood) and looked quite bored at the swarm of tourists. I peaked inside and he smiled and asked me if I want to come in, as it was the police station !

I had never seen such a special police station and also have never been very interested to visit one, but this was definitively different. And as we only were 8 people he allowed us all in. It really was cosy ! I never immagined that I could call a police station cosy ! But here were very modern equipment which strangely matched the rocky room. There were a desk and seats and in a window angle a window seat, which you can see on the picture. They had decorated the room with flowers and pictures and medals and a beautiful turkish carpet lay on the floor. We all were thrilled. Then two other policemen joined in and offered us apple tea, which is the most current drink over there. They even had a nice kitchen, with TV and a bed for those who worked during night. They all spoke english and we had a lot of fun with them and even good old Leo didn't get stuck in the kitchen !

This was a very nice experience I told Pookie, but she had given up on the cable and slept deeply.


mar said...

Very interesting story, sorry about poor Leo getting stuck!
Love the cartoon, too :)

Moobear said...

Welp my friend, I have had my morning chuckle at Leo's expense! You tell your experiences so well, so that is why I always hurry here to read in the mornings. Glad you had a good trip Ingrid. I bet you talk to Pookie PC, eh?

God Bless!

Grammie said...

Great story....poor Leo!
....so glad you're home filled with these wonderful tales.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated reading your writings of Turkey, Gattina, as we have been studying the country for our lessons for children.

God be with you, friend...

Ann V. of Listening....

That Cleaning Lady said...

Glad you got Leo out or you might all have been stuck in there till he lost enough weight to get out. Did you ever read the story of Winnie the Pooh where he got stuck in Rabbits hole and had to stay there till he got thin enough to get out? You made me laugh again today, thanks so much!!
Happy Pookie didn't unplug your computer while you were telling your story!!