When PC Pookie looks at me with this sleepy eyes, I melt. But instead of getting up, hurry in the kitchen and feed her, I told her I first had to finish what I had learned today.

I am a new woman, according to the chinese horoscope.

13 sayings about my character in chinese astrology !

This represents the signs of a chinese horoscope. I am just in the middle of a sheep and a snail, I am a goat ! Isn't that nice ? I like sheeps although they really don't represent my character and I refuse to be a snail. Therefore I have no choice I have to be a goat ! I really would have prefered to be a cat !

Reading the characteristics of my goat sign in chinese horoscopes I suddenly discovered what I am really are and what I didn't know until now !

1. I am elegant and have a very developped artistic talent. (first part is wrong, second part maybe)

2. I am anxious and have fear of life

Must be true, didn't notice

3. I am very religious and shy.

Really ??

4. I am clumsy and express myself with difficulties.

What do you think ?

5. With all the talents I have, I am in a very good financial situation. Hmmm

6. I am allowed to profit from that Very good

7. I am dutyful, soft and have a great sensibility Besides the sensibility the other qualities are probably for my next life

8. I get well along with the Cat, the Pig, and the Horse Why not a pig ? George Clooney has one too.

9. I am plenty of energy. Depends for what

10. I am moody Have you ever met a moody goat ?

11. I am a night person for the moment I am rather morning !

12. I am somebody who postpones it's work for always tomorrow Hmm, again it depends what.

13. I am not a curious person and let things be as they are Sorry, but there I have to protest.

I am very satisfied, finally I know who I am !

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Lazy Daisy said...

Maybe these are hidden talents that you are not aware of?

Gabrielle said...

im a rooster :)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I believe I'm also a goat..and most of those do not apply to me either.

Happy TT!

mousie said...

I'm a dog! no wonder...
i'm so happy you're back from your holidays...i went surfing through your blogs...you brought back beautiful things...
have a good day gattina

Rav`N said...

great 13, I'm a Dragon... but i don't think the description of a dragon fits me very well


It's nice knowing more about you. Hidden talent it may be but it can never be hidden.
BTW, about the Friday Feast, there really isn't any blogroll. I just made that up. I thought it would be fair to put up the links of those who come and visit me. About the meme, they usually give out before noon, Friday. Over here it's only 8:10p.m. Thursday so I open Friday Feast by 10 or 11 a.m. on a Friday. Don't know your time frame over there.
Thanks for passing by.

Ma said...

That was very interesting. My chinese birth sign is the pig.

The Friday's Feast does not come out this early. If you have joined and left word at the site, she will email you with the next feast. If not, go to the site later tonight and it should be up. You might need to refresh, and the new one will show, but not till this evening or early morning tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

I don't EVEN want to know. I know I'd be so disappointed! It'd probably say I was a pessimist or something. . .

Anonymous said...

Gattina, I thought I'd let you know that when I click on your photo I get directed to a blank blog with your photo, but no link to this blog. . . might want to see about that.

Joy Renee said...

shy? anxious? fear of life? not the gattina who packs up and goes to Turkey with strangers. nor the gattina who has four blogs!

thax for the picture tour. it's as close as I'll ever get.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Monkey and I must admit a lot of it is true! ;-)
My TT is about frustration.

mar said...

It was fun to read about your Chinese horoscope, forgot what I am, should check that out... :)
happy TT

Ma said...

Gattina, Go to the URL below and click on notify list and leave your email address, then Susan will let you know when the new FF is posted.


Shoshana said...

I like this one. THanks for sharing.

Norma said...

This is very interesting. A subject about which I knew nothing.

My TT is up.

Killired said...

i love the chinese horoscope thing... notice my pix is from the chinese horoscope... ---->
i am the dog... and this is the year of the dog so this has been my year!!!! i think i blogged about it back on 1/1/06! anyway... this info is cool to know about yourself... did you get it online? if so, where? i'd lvoe to go read it about me too!
i'm normally a t13 participant but i didnt get time this week to post one... oh and i like to post fridays feast too... which i didnt post this week either... sometimes i jsut get so busy at the end of the week, i dont get to it!

chinese horoscope said...

People have many different ways to interpret and give our astrology reports, but what would really matter is on how we interpret them and use those readings in our daily lives.