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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us PC Pookie seems to be very happy this morning, as she rolls back and forth and asks me : what are you writing today ?

I was thinking about the time I worked ...

I used to work for a while as an assistant to three sales managers in the sales department responsible for whole Europe. The first one was a real gentleman, with suit and tie, mostly always the same, always friendly and I have nothing to say about him.

The second was a nice guy, happily married had one daughter and we became friends

The third was a case for a psychiatric clinic. He had 4 mistresses and a wife, and of course he thought I would join the group. Not only jumping on his phone to answer but also in his bed. This he took for granted. I told him friendly but firmly that I prefer my own bed. The presence of a husband didn't disturb him at all. Once the situation cleared and he saw that there were no chance with me, we became good friends.

At that time sexual harassement didn't exist otherwise I would be rich today with winning all trials and getting compensations.

I started to pity the poor guy, women were flying around him like butterflies around flowers or maybe flies around something else. Sometimes when he was on the phone with one, I had another to comfort, inventing trips or meetings.

The only person he really loved was his wife and she was a great person. I didn't have to lie to her and I would have refused that too. But not only I had to handle with the four girls by phone, but he also asked me to answer their love letters.

It was quite difficult as I were always afraid of mixing them up. So I wrote with my typewriter the texts and he copied it per hand. He was very happy with my love letter creations and they apparently were happy too. And as I already loved writing, it was OK for everybody. Maybe that was the real moment when I started blogging ?

Another difficult thing was to keep up birthday dates, hotel bookings for them and regulate rendez-vous. Somehow I managed this too and had a real good working timetable. I had no pitty with these girls who really were stupid beauties with no brain and only interested in "chic" and expensive things. When it ended I sent some flowers together with a comforting letter, that "I" realized that "I" loved my wife after all and that "we" had a long discussion and that "I" made the decision to stay with her and "I" regretted etc etc bla, bla. He bravely copied this too and disappeared from the girl's life and back in wife's arms. Sometimes one came and cried liters and liters of tears and I always had a pile of handkerchiefs in my drawer, which I put on my desk and waited until the waterfall ended. Usually a genorous gift, the flowers and the letter did their job and she went away looking for another victim.

What I have learned out of that was that this kind of man are still little boys cannot handle their lives alone and really nead a strong woman at their side.

But I have to admit that these 5 years were amongst the funniest one I ever had in my working carrier !

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mar said...

How funny! it sounds like a movie script to me. That is a lot of logistic involved, men cannot handle all this alone, lol!
I like your new pink look. Happy monday :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina,

Saw your comment on "Click and Comment Monday". All I can do is share the code I'm using for the Blogroll. Cat hosts the blogroll, so maybe if this doesn't work for you, you can ask her.

Here's the code I used (remove the [ and ] to have it work):
<[script language="javascript" src="http://rpc.blogrolling.com/display.php?r=d7157465aeff40a35413ef86790db40a" type="text/javascript">]<[/script>]

Anonymous said...

Ouah...Gattina, you're so fresh looking with your pink dress...a little bit of sunshine in Monday rain...
there're always so many things to discover in your blogs...always a pleasure to visit...
see you dear

Carmen said...

thanks for the laugh with the sign this morning. :)

kailani said...

Funny sign! Here for C&C Monday. Off to visit someone on your blogroll!

Melissa said...

Wow. That sounds way too complicated for me to try to handle!

Love the kitty, though. He looks very comfy.

Cat's Cradle Creations

CyberCelt said...

Happy Click and Comment Monday. Getting a late start today, but it is still Monday somewhere. Off to visit your renter or a side bar link. Have a great week!

The Artist said...

A happy Click and Comment Monday with best wishes, The Artist

Cat said...

Happy C&C Monday. I can help with the blogroll if you need it. Seems the code I have posted doesn't show right. I'm working to rectify that and make it easy to cut/paste.

Judith said...

Didn't you ever feel that you yourself might get into trouble doing so much deceiving for your boss? I don't think I would have had the nerve. A good thing you found it amusing, or you might have become a nervous wreck - as I reckon he deserved to do!

Jeanette said...

PC Pookie looks very relaxed On the carpet
Ih good story. Did you ever get them mixed up. chuckling at his antics hope he got found out.

Pass The Torch said...

hahaha! This is such a funny picture!!

Thanks for stopping by my site.