8 days in Turkey

Yesterday I went to the market here in Waterloo and took some pictures.

Photos of WATERLOO MARKET are here
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  • PC Pookie discovered something new ! She jumped on the sink and made me understand to open the tap what I did and then she drank. From now on I have a new job added to the many I have already : "tap opener". I will have to have new business cards printed.

    And now we are here, she on her stool cleaning her little mouth from the water and I thinking about the TV program I saw yesterday evening.

    It was about a small town in Mexico. There are many small towns in Mexico so what is so special I asked myself. And indeed it was ! It's probably the only town in the world were men have nothing but really nothing to say ! All important jobs like mayor, municipality employees, managers etc. were women. Men had less important jobs or stayed home taking care of the children. My mouth formed an "O" when I saw this. When boys were born it was not a happy event where the young parents jumped to the ceiling, no it was a big disappointment. But when a girl was born there were a big party. The interviewed women didn't look at all like emancipated fat dragons, but were nice looking to pretty and very well dressed. They all wear dresses in spanish style like Flamengo dansers only it was modified and comfortable to wear.

    The woman interviewed, told the surprised reporter, that if they give birth to a boy they would prefer a homosexual, because this are the best man and no troublemakers. Some mothers dressed their boys as girls when they were babies, but unfortunately that didn't help. And one woman showed proudly her grown up son who happily smiled in the camera. He , she said, will never get married and always take care of me when I am old.

    Only the homosexuals got important jobs in the city. An interviewed man told the reporter that for him, but to us quite unusual lifestyle, this way of life is completely normal and he never thought about changing it. He was surrounded by a bunch of children, unfortunately he said, mostly boys. Everything seemed to be in the right place. And on the question why those women still needed men, they laughed and said that they needed them for natural necessities. Ah, that's it !

    The reporter then informed us that this for us quite strange society came from an indian tribe tradition, where women were considered as godess. I thought that we also have this over here, only then the man works like hell to cover his godess with furr coats and jewelry.

    Now can you immagine this in our western world ? We already have quite some "equality" compared to our grand or great grandmothers but still not like in this little mexican town. We don't have many women as leaders in the western politics and the only names now coming in my mind is Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton . The latter one not yet but is on the right way and the first one retired since a long time.

    For many women it would be a catastrophy especially the once who never learned to defend themselves, have poor self esteem and are always hiding behind a men's back. If these women are hurt by somebody they would never have the courage to settle this alone but would heat up their men to defend them. This would be very dangerous especially in politics. I cannot immagine Angela Merkel aking her husband to defend her because somebody had told her something she didn't like which is quite normal in politics.

    Hilary doesn't need that, in her case it was always the other way around.

    And what else would it be ? Men staying home or working as secretaries ? Why not. I am sure that a lot of men would like to stay home and take care of the children, and also a lot of women would prefer working but feel constrained to stay home because this is still the pattern of our society.

    I think the best would be that there are no socially dicated rules any more that every man or woman decides themselves what they want and which suits the best to their characters. This would be a real egality.

    PC Pookie now, starring at an unvisible fly purred : We don't have these troubles about egality, we (female) cats are anyway the bosses !

    Don't you go to work today, Darling ?

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    Obsidian Kitten said...

    oh yes, female cats are truly in touch with their inner goddess! =)

    that's so fascinating about the mexican town, i wish i had seen the programme

    Jeanette said...

    Nice post Thank you for your visit hope u keep returning love the photo of kitty getting a drink in the sink and great cartoon Idont have to understand the writing but the picture says it all