PC Pookie saw something at the ceiling and forgot to shut down my computer, which she had already done this morning ! I told her to please sit down wherever she wants to but not on my desk as I have to write now. She meauwed a protest and offended, walked away direction : kitchen of course !

So now I can continue another part of my round trip in Turkey.

Have you ever been the only guest in a 4* Hotel, with 350 rooms ? Yes, this happened to me. (Strange things are always happening to you, my husband would say)

My group fellows went away at 10 am to stay another week on a beach to rest, only I had to return to Brussels. I waved them good bye and went in my room. As nobody had told me to leave the room before 12, I thought I better don't wake up sleeping dogs and just wait and see what happens. And that was it, nothing happened. I looked from my balconee to the swimming pool, nobody there. I told myself that people probably went to the beach and as it was not yet so warm and I had time until 5 pm when a bus should pick me up and drive me to the airport, I went down to the reception. Nobody there, the huge lobby with it's comfortable seats, the well furnished bar were completely empty not a single soal in view.

I saw a bell on the reception desk and slapped on it once. It made "bing" and nothing happened. I waited a few seconds and made "bing" again. Still nobody. As patience is not really one of my virtues I slapped on the bell several times. And oh wonder, a kind of goast showed up. A guy in Jeans and dirty T-Shirt who looked at me as if I came from another planet. I asked him where the receptionist were. He glanced at me with two question marks in his eyes and spat out some strange words. I remembered my italian husband and spoke with hands. That he understood, he picked up the phone and finally a girl showed up. I asked her if I could use Internet for an hour and she said yes no problem. But there were a problem because there were no connection. I waited 15 min and tried again. Nothing to do, no connection. The girl took this with serenity and informed me that this happens all the time. So I gave up and retired to my room.

Suddenly I saw that it was already 12.30 and time for lunch. I went to the restaurant. A big Restaurant all in pink and nicely decorated greated me with a lot of empty tables and chairs. I looked on my watch again, no it was 12.30. The buffet was empty too and no food far and wide.

This now, seemed more and more strange to me and also the fact that apparently I was the only human being around. Finally I called "Hallo" nothing. Again a little louder "Hallo" still nothing, now I shouted with all my heart "H a l l o o" and finally a waiter who didn't look like a waiter showed up. He only spoke a little english and finally brought me to the reception where the girl sat there and ate a sandwich ! My hungry stomac claimed. I asked for something to eat. She looked at me very surprised and said, "I thought you were already gone". I informed her that I were personally in front of her desk and that I had to wait for my bus until 5 and that I were hungry. Now, she pittied me, all alone in this huge hotel and nothing to eat ! She asked me to sit at the swimming pool bar. What I did. And suddenly a swarm of busy bees were around me ! One brought a tablecloth another one cuttlery and a glass and then the cook himself came out with a wonderful starter and excused himself that he hadn't known. Like a gracious queen I thanked him and attacked my starter. Then all 5 min somebody came to ask me if I needed something. No, I didn't need anything I felt already better. Then came the main course and even a dessert, artistically prepared and after that I leaned full and happy back. I thanked everybody and went to my room to get my bath suit.

The whole afternoon I lay there at the swimming pool and were only disturbed by waiters asking me if I needed something and also for a little chat. So time flew by and I had to get dressed.

Still nobody in the whole hotel, I had all the elevators for myself and could choose the best. I could have easily served myself in the bar without being noticed by anybody.

Finally I called somebody to get down my suitcase and said good bye to the few personnel standing around and wishing me a good flight. Nobody asked me to pay my bill for the menu and I decided to take that for granted.

And then came the bus ! A very big one for at least 80 people, there too, nobody was in. The chauffeur took my suitcase and I climbed in the bus which I had all for myself. I was thinking shortly that I could move every five minutes to another seat, but then sat down near the chauffeur and we chatted through the whole trip. It was about 45 min to drive. And I had the honor to learn everything about the chauffeur's life, that he had a wife and 4 children, that his wife were a teacher and the children already grown up. He even was a proud grandpa. There, I told myself, hopefully he is not to old to drive such a big bus but nothing happened and I arrived safely at the airport and the crowd had me back again !

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Her Majesty Queen Gattina I


Anonymous said...

Loved your post today (of course I always do). I would love to travel with you, it seems either you generate excitement, or it follows you! I am sure there would never be a dull moment around you.

MysteriousLady said...

That is amazing! What a wonderful experience!

Have a wonderful weekend!

mar said...

Love reading about your trip. Happy saturday!

Mandy said...

Omg! how odd. That's eerie lol. That once bustling hotel full of excited holiday makers.. was suddenly empty.

I'm glad they realised though later and looked after you.

Mandy x

Heather said...

Wow, that is amazing. I can't imagine having a whole room to myself (I have three kids) let alone a whole hotel. Sounds like you made the best of it.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

We had that feeling when we arrived at our hotel in Crete, Greece one night, but there was guests next day. Not so many though, but after a couple of days the hotel were filled it up ;-)

It is a strange feeling though, with empty hotels.

I like when there isn't a crowd, but maybe not being totally alone...

Jeanette said...

Love ed reading about your experience Nobody about how eerie

Leslie said...

Wow, what an amazing experience. Very eerie to be in the hotel nearly alone - kind of reminds me of The Shining.