Today is the day where the WTC tragedy happened and people are paying tribute to all the victims. Yesterday when I blogrolled through the Photo hunters I saw many blogs paying their tributes to a member of their family or friends with pictures of the victims and pictures from the catastrophe. I also red about that in my french magazine. And then I saw these pictures, and I thought nobody will never ever forget but here is a look into the future. And I found these plans absolutely marvellous. This is the plan of the new memorial from architect Daniel Libeskind who was chosen between a lot of other architects in 2003. Tour = tower musée = museum The memorial is called "reflecting absence" and the original fondations of the twin towers will be kept. It would look like this Above the huge entrance hall there will be 69 floors for offices and the top will be two huge bay windows and a terasse at respectively 415 m and 416 m high as the twin towers. foundations of the twin towers A place for visitors who wants to pay tribute to the victims. A list of the 2749 names of the deads will be there. The memorial will also have a museum. and this will be the new station. Yesterday evening on belgian TV we watched interviews of american firemen who could escape. This was really very emotional. All of them had quit their job, because of health problems or because they just could do it anymore. All of them said, that they could never be as "before". Some of them and this was even worse died afterwards even a year later because of the smoke and dust. Although the Bush government had announced that the smoke were not toxic, which apparently was another lie. All of the interviewed firemen suffered from chronical caughing. They all had built up a new life or retired. But all of them looked like carrying a big burden. I heard from the attack while sitting in my car and driving home from my painting group at 5 pm. I really thought I misunderstood or that the speaker is crazy as it was not the 1.st April, but then arriving home I switched on the TV and saw the first pictures. Then the phone started ringing, first my son, if I knew somebody of our friends who could be in there, no I didn't know yet. But one of his collegues had his brother in there and tried desesperately to get a line to the States, but it was impossible. Then my best friend called her cousin was working there and she really was worried about him. Fortunately he could save himself by running down the staircases as he was just a few floors below where the plane had hit the tower. And then it seemed to me that the world would get smaller and smaller wherever I looked or talked to, everybody knew somebody who worked in the towers. It could be the friend of a friends friend it didn't matter everybody was deeply concerned. What happened has happened, but it should never ever happen again !


Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Thank you for remembering. It is a great blot on the soul of all humanity that we can do these things to each other.

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Pass The Torch said...

It's so hopeful to see the artistic rendition of the memorial. Thank you for sharing these. I hadn't seen them all.

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Suzy said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your photo's as well. I wasn't quite aware of all of what was planned for the WTC site.

I pray for the families today. I hope that God has helped them to heal in some way, in any way.

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