PC = Personal Cat
As very often I looked at PC Pookie with nothing in my mind looking for inspiration. She lay on the side with crossed front paws and suddenly I thought about handcuffs and from handcuffs I came to police and then I had the subject of today ! Yes minds sometimes have strange ways.
In Italy they say that policemen show only up as couples. And there is a reason for it. One is there because he can only read and the other is there because he can only write. So that's the explanation as in all countries it is like this. Only when they are more then it gets complicated, who can read and who can write ? But this is not so important because if they are more than two it's usually not for reading or writing it's for jumping on bad people put them down and handcuff them. There you definitively need more than two as it could be very dangerous. So you see two jumping, put the person in question on the ground and then the third one jumps to handcuff him, while the others are looking that nobody watches.
Of course I see this on TV everyday and sometimes I think with what would we fill up the programms if there were no police and spectacular arrests.
But once I assisted really to an arrest. That was in Germany on a very busy shopping street only for pedestrians. Suddenly a police car showed up, all people ran and tried to safe themselves, suddenly interrupted in their peaceful shopping. Only me I freezed into a pillar of salt and stand there just where the car stopped. Five policemen jumped out I wondered how many more would jump out but nobody came anymore because the car was not big enough. I was pushed aside, which woke me up and in a reflex kicked one of them in the leg, as I didn't find another place in this hurry. The guy looked at me angryly and probably I would be dead by now if looks could kill. But he said nothing and then they pulled out a guy out of the shoppers, who were running around like headless chicken and pushed that guy to the car, hands up on the roof. Then they tickled him looking without any doubt for weapons, but strangely the guy didn't laugh. I surely would have laughed as I cannot stand tickles.
While by now a crowd had formed around that car and was looking at the arrest, one policeman opened the door, two of them pushed the guy on the back seat, of course not to hard, as people were watching and anyway a policeman has to behave correctly. That at least is a written and by law confirmed rule, but sometimes it happens that as I said before they are only able to read and write when they are two, they push or tickle a little hard. One of them even hold his hand over the guy's head as if he would bless him, which was very appreciated by the crowd, as they were at 90 % christians. Then the car disappeared with blue flashlight and a lot of noise.
Now I was stunned ! I thought I were used to that, even bored as it happens every day in TV. But no, I were startled as there is a very big difference between TV and life. In some way TV screens are protecting you and even if the victim is laying in a puddle of blood it doesn't run on your carpet, and you can go on with eating your popcorn or whatever with pleasure. (which I doubt in real life but you never know).
Policemen also change completely in behaving. Once the man has an uniform on, he suddenly changes to a policeman and that is very different. A shy and gentle guy turns out to be suddenly loud and agressif taking himself for the bellybotton of the world. The one who always observed the side way with his eyes always turned down as if he would hide himself suddenly becomes a big man with pointing out big shoulders when he wears a uniform, and he doesn't look down anymore to find maybe a coin, no, now he looks over your head, but seldom in your eyes. These are the most dangerous once.
So if you meet some policemen (don't forget always two) just do what my grandma has told me : imagine they are naked ! And I can tell you that then instead of having any fear or apprehension, you just have to laugh !
And I thought of our policemen responsible in the area, one being small and round like a ball and the other one a tall skinny minnie and I smiled, I couldn't laugh out loud, as my husband still sleeps.
PC Pookie, made a big hump and stretched and meauwed you naughty girl !
P.S. For those who red me yesterday : The Saudi Arabian princess came back and ordered 4 watches at 250.000 € each ! I really wonder what such a watch looks like ???

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Moobear said...

lol, I want Jerrell to read this, as he used to be a policeman after a 14 yr burnout from teaching school. Just dropping in as I just hafta do.

God Bless!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Policemen in the US are the same, very nice when the camera's are rolling...sometimes very NOT nice when it's just them and their victims. I agree its easier to watch the violence on TV knowing the blood isn't going to run on your carpet. I saw a police dog chase down a man and stop him one time. I have been bitten by a dog before, so could sympathize with the man being chewed on. The dog was a huge German sheppard and looked ready to kill. Our neighbor is a retired policeman, he's very nice most of the time but has threatened noisy neighbors and brat kids several times to show them his gun if they don't behave!!

Richard in NY said...

Police work in pairs because they are much less likely to get attacked and injured or killed that way. Most of the time when police are killed on the job it's during something innocuous like a traffic stop or responding to a domestic disturbance. Lots of crazy people will start a fight with one cop but not two.