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This is the first time I participate at "Thursday Thirteen" so I take this opportunity to present myself in 13 § . Hope that's enough, otherwise I have to add another page.

First my life mottos :
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§ 1.
I am apparently 63 years old, so says at least my passport and I suppose it's true. But and a but there is, it surprises myself as everybody tells me that I haven't changed and that I am still as "crazy" as I used to be 30 years before.
§ 2.
My family situation is very simple, I am married to an italian husband since 36 years, and it's still the same (I mean husband). We have one little son of 33 who is 2 m (6.6 ft) long and doesn't need a ladder, which was very useful when he lived with us.
My passport also says that I am german but I live since ages here in Belgium could have the belgian nationality but don't see why, as the laws are for everybody the same, so I decided to be an European.
When our family is together, we have 3 1/2 countries united around the table : Italy, Germany, Dutch and a mixture (my son, who is german and italian, with his length he needs to have two) The dutch is our daughter in law to be.
There are no language problems, as my husband and I speak german together, with my son french and when his wife to be is there we all speak english or everything together or everybody speaks what he wants for himself. No language problems in this family !
In our household there are also four cats. Very important and not to forget. There too is no language problem, as one is belgian dutch meauwing, the second meauws in belgian french the two others in english as they are both from London. So when we are all together we represent the future United Europe !
Besides Lisa, Pookie, Kim and Arthur I also have a cat collection of over 300 cats.
As it's already said in my profile I like to paint and am a leisure painter. Once a week I attend a painting group, where we paint, learn, and mostly laugh.
Since a few month I suddenly discovered that I like to take photos too. That came as I had to decorate my cat blogs (watch my discreet blog promotion) so besides the cats I started with other stuff too which I now publish in my Keyhole picture blog (another discreet sign).


My favorit things in life is getting fun out of all kind of situations and even problems. With humor everthing is easier to take.


I like to go out, visit expositions and I also like to travel and see the most of the world before I disappear in a coffin. It doesn't bother me at all to do round trips alone as for that I don't need anybody to hold my hand because it's getting in the bus, out of the bus looking at things, getting in the bus and out the bus to sleep in a hotel. Very easy and when you return you can tell everybody you have seen the whole country. On my list next on October 6 I will go to Turkey.


From time to time I go to Amsterdam as my son lives there now and like to go around and visit expositions or just sitting in the bus boats and look at the beautiful buildings surounding the canals.

Before I went very often to London, as my son lived there and after having visited everything to be visited as a tourist, even the queen (but only at Mme Tusseaud's) I started to sit down in Pubs and did drawings. That way I have been in more then 60 pubs, in and outside London and became almost a pub specialist. Is there any reader here who made more
§ 12.
I have a few very good friends, one even since I were 7 years old (!) and many others to go out with. I don't mention my better half, he doesn't like to go out anymore and is happy that I found victims to go out with.


I don't know if I have a good or bad character that you should ask first my husband (who will probably say very bad) or my friends.

I have to add that I discovered blogging, which I also like very much, only in April this year. I didn't even know what a blog was and had to look it up in Wikipedia. It all started when I came back from holidays in Egypt and looked for documentation about Egyptian cats. And from Egypt cats to cats and cat forums and then cat blogs and then to my own cat blog.
And now I am here !


Moobear said...

Thanks for sharing this with us all. I dare not join the "thirteen" as I am fearful of not being able to meet all the requirements to hold up my end of the bargain. As I do have too many not so good days and do not wanna spoil it. All of you 13's have fun and remember you have Ingrid amongst you with cheer and happiness all around her and she just loves to share and always make one feel so much better.

God Bless!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Nice to have such a tall son, and I'm glad to see something nice about your daughter-in-law. I would so love to travel Europe and see all the sites with you, I imagine you'd be great fun to travel with. Alas, American's are not liked and not very welcome in other countries. Maybe some day...Thanks for sharing!

Tasra Dawson said...

Found your blog through blogging chicks. Great Thursday 13 post! Keep up the fabulous work!

mar said...

I am a "regular Thirteener" and enjoy it very much! welcome to TT! lovely list to get to know you :)

Alethea said...

Hi there! Like you, I'm trying out the TT meme for the first time. Good for you for representing the future of Europe, even down to the pets. It seems reasonable that you all are centered around Belgium, after all. Looking forward to other posts.

Alethea said...

Ha! The only word I really needed to look up was #5, because I was looking up how to spell #6. Otherwise, people know these words. Peut-etre c'est encore une difference entre la France et la Belgique? ;-)
Serieusement, j'aime bien les mots. Pas les accents (je n'en ai pas sur mon clavier americain).

...my 2 cents said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! This is a great list, and thank you for sharing!! You sound like a really fun person!

Number six on your list, about your cats, made me laugh. That's cute!!

Have a great Thursday!! :)

Nadiah Alwi said...

Hi Gattina,

Thanks so much for visiting my TT.

And, know what? I enjoy your TT so much. It seems like you lead a happy life. I enjoy reading #5 the most...why? 'Coz I simply love languages.

Je parle un petit peu francais. Ik spreek een beetje nederlnds. Ich hai├če Nadiah. Parlo italiano un po.

See? I don't think I'd have a language problem if one day I can come to see you. ;D

Happy TT...

*I'll surely visit you again and again*

*Oh yes, blogging really makes the world to a village*

*And yeah, too bad there are people who see only the differences instead of similarities*

Anonymous said...

Welcome to TT. I love your cat blogs! Thanks for visiting my TT about Robbie.

Barb said...

Hi. I just browsed through your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. I fell in love with the kitty.