Personal Cat, PC Pookie my hard working assistant. I.
In March this year I went to Egypt and of course were very interested in the history of egyptian cats. They were considered as goddess and everywhere you could find imitation of cat goddess in big or small and in all materials for the tourists.

II. When I came back I wanted to know more about it, but were to lazy to look up in books.


Suddenly I remembered we had a computer and that since 1994. I were disgusted of everything concerning a computer, as my husband's only subject of conversation were computers. You could ask him about the weather or a traffic jam or whatever it always ended up on computers. This was his profession (he were EDP manager and Analyst) and I didn't want to have to do anything with computers, besides letter writing or making cards (that at least I learned)
I asked him how to use Internet. He explained it to me by starting at Adam and Eve and ended with the end of the world. I didn't understand anything. So he gave up.
I did it simple. I just put "egyptian cats" in "search" (this word understood) and got suddenly a lot of addresses. Which I looked through. I red and printed out. There were more and more paper laying in my room and my husband told me to better put the files in the folders.
I objected because I had no files but only texts. He told me that texts were files. I argued that this is ridiculous as in my files I filed my letters. He told me that folders are files, so I asked him why are folders files, because I only use files and no folders. He gave it up, before he became killer instincts.
After a while I understood also this, that in a computer a letter is a file and a file is a folder and for that I had to put the file in the folder. Ah, I already learned something more.
Then with all my egyptian cat documentation suddenly I landed up with "normal" cats. Cute pictures and designs and texts. I wanted to have some of the pictures and designs in the computer, he told me to upload them. I know that you upload a truck or something but not pictures or only when they are in cartons or framed. I told him so. He explained what uploading meant in computer language and mentioned the word "download". Now I really got confused ! What means download now. I better stop here otherwise the text would be to long, and describing a husband's nervous brake down wouldn't be very kind.
Slowly I made my way and I up and downloaded with pleasure. And I discovered Forums. I subscribed to everything which was presented to me and got completely mixed up.
And then I discovered the word "Blog". I had never heard of it and even my home specialist didn't now what it was. As Wikipedia (which I had discovered by pure coincidence still looking for my cats) knows everything, I looked it up and was told that this was a Web log and now called Blog. Good. Log in I knew from all my subscriptions.
I don't know how, but I suddenly were in Yahoo. They proposed me to create a blog. As apparently I like subscriptions, I logged in and followed all instructions word by word. Suddenly I had a page, but didn't know what to do with it. Very satisfied, proud and happy I sent my address to all my acquaintances and friends. Only two wrote me that it was very nice and how did I do it, but none of them didn't know how to make a comment. The other once didn't react at all or thought that I am completely crazy, my husband included but he thought it's about time to buy a laptop. He was fat up that HIS computer was always occupied.
As my blog was there and nothing happened, I discovered Blog.com logged in again (the other one is still at Yahoo, I think) and created a cat blog. As I decorated my blog with a lot of cat pictures and designs, Blog.com told me that after 50 pictures I had no right anymore to up or download or whatever pictures. I asked Google for another place and arrived at Blogger.
And now I am here and I have learned a lot by observing the other blogs I even started to understand what Blog searchers were and discovered Technorati and then the others. And then a miracle happened I got a first comment from
  • Claudia and she encouraged me and helped me whenever she could. So thank you very much Claudia ! Another one followed
  • Kuanyin who helped me too very much by giving me addresses where to subscribe or were to look and what I could do to improve myself. So I thank her very much too.
  • Slowly, slowly I arrived where I am today. I only discovered "rings" this month and also learned what a meme and a carnival is. My men now, are starting to getting curious and without admitting anything I know that both of them are looking what I am doing. I know that because sometimes they mention something which they could only have red in my blogs ! (He, he). But I still have to learn a lot !
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    Hey Silver Magpie, you should read your messages,
    so that we can see the sky again !
    Thirteen ways that I became a blogger

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    Mrs Lifecruiser said...

    What a magnificent journey to become a blogger! *lol*

    I've been an IT freak too, since the eighties, but only a blogger for about a year!

    I love your writing style, so keep up the blogging :-)

    (Thanks for visiting, my T13 will not be published until later)

    Moobear said...

    I have to admit, I too like the writing style myself mrslifecruiser. She is indeed quite interesting and such a dear friend as well! Hi Ingrid! And thanks a million!

    Anonymous said...

    My hubby hates that I'm always taking up the computer, too. Maybe I'll get a laptop out of it ~ doubt it, though!

    Great list! Blogging is so addictive and I've only been at it a little over a month!

    Happy Thursday!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Ruth said...

    I really enjoyed reading your 13. It is a great list and I will definately be back to check in again!!

    Anonymous said...

    You're sounded really fun! I find it comical in your quest to learn up the PC. :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

    mar said...

    This was very entertaining, love your journey towards the blogging world!! isn't this fun?? have a great thursday and Happy TT!

    Natsthename said...

    That was very interesting and original! Great to read how one person became a blogger! Keep on having a good time in blog world!

    Sparky Duck said...

    Great list, sounds like conversations I have had with my mother, well and Mrs Duck too when it comes to designing a webpage.

    The kitties are darned cute too!

    Cheryl said...

    How blessed we are to have your presence on the web!

    Danielle said...

    That is a really interesting start in blogging! I just found blogs a few months ago too!

    Happy blogging & thanks for visiting my 13!

    Lisa said...

    I love knowing how others came to be bloggers. :) I like your kitty cat picture too.

    Thanks for stopping by Snarkypants and cheering me up over my lame post! :)

    Have a good weekend!

    john said...

    interesting story. and now the blogging world is much richer with you sharing your thoughts and experiences !

    Sophisticated Writer said...

    Great list. Made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by my blog and take care :-)

    Tink said...

    Bast works in mysterious ways, doesn't she? I love cats (and Bast)!
    My TT was up early yesterday, but I'm doing my round today.

    Tink said...

    Bast works in mysterious ways, doesn't she? I love cats (and Bast)!
    My TT was up early yesterday, but I'm doing my round today.