Since I am blogging I told Pookie sitting on a stool besides me and watching the screen, I guess I have changed. (Now I have to read her answer in the huge green eyes) Yes, she said, you are more at home. As usual she is right. It is true I spend much more time at home now, not running around anymore after myself or buying stupid stuff that I don't need. Now, when I run around it's for taking photos for my photoblog. Now when I am visiting a city or another country it's for my travel blog. Not only for that of course, I love travelling. But it's nice to make about 200 photos for a reason then making them and delete them after I while. ....... The other thing I stated is that I have got the feeling to live now in two worlds. My Blogger world and my Waterloo world. When I am busy to read blogs and to see what people are writing about and the phone rings it pulls me into another world where people are out of blood and flesh. (Pookie had a hungry look in her eyes) So I have a kind of switch over and then listening to my newspaper neighbor (the one who knows everything in the street) who informes me about the last happenings around here. For example that the cousin of another neighbors sister has died or that the women three houses farer wears a wig or that the other neighbor washs his car with a tooth brush. In fact all very interesting things to know you couldn't live without them. Or my friend calls and askes me to lunch with her and then I think should I go or not ? Two or three hours lost in blogging ? No, I said to Pookie, now sitting on my bed and washing, I am not a slave to my computer ! Pookie, washing her tail doubted. ............. So I kicked myself somewhere, switched off my window to the world, made myself presentable and went out for lunch. .................. LuNch was nice but the trouble was I had absolutely nothing to say about such simple things like what did you do yesterday ? What I did, nothing in her eyes because she doesn't even know what a blog is. (Here I forgot to mention that I didn't know that either until April this year). ................ And when I explained to her that I put that and that picture and text on a blog in Internet, she looked at me like a cow (she doesn't look like a cow) seeing a train for the first time. ............. So after lunch, me with a dry mouth from explaining, she with two question marks in her eyes, I took here home and showed her my computer. Pookie waking up looked happy about the company. When my friend saw my face on the screen and all the stuff around and my text, she asked me how the hell did I do that and how could I get on the screen ? I tried to explain but it didn't help it just didn't get in. I got the impression that she thought I had slipped in some secretly way, maybe making myself to a goast, through the screen, through some invisible cables to another screen which then showed my picture and my text on the screen she looked at. ............... Finally she sighed that she didn't understand anything of what I were talking about, that computers are far to complicated to use, to which I protested and told her her 6 year old grandchild is using it, yes she said but I am to old for that. ................... To old ! I said to Pookie, when my friend was gone, can you believe that ? To old. I learned it too and all of myself ! Yes, said Pookie, yawning in need of more sleep, but then you can think you at least are young !

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