Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting If I were a cat I would look like this today. Unfortunately I am not ! I told Pookie, why don't you do this for me ? Pookie laying on my bed and stretching to one meter length, didn't even move her tail and left me alone with my problems ! Ungrateful cat ! Since yesterday morning I am occupied to get two side bars up in this and in my photo blog. I changed template, recopied the photos everything possible and that dammit old Blogger bitch doesn't do anything. (My good education forbids me here to use other words) There is not even a mention about missing html tags as usual. This blog is messed up and as somebody of the help group said, I should shoot it and recommened a new template. But I still could shoot the problem is first I have no gun and second I love my computer and you only should shoot on things you don't like. That's what Elvis did with his TVs. When he didn't like a program he took his gun and shot the TV. That's also an occupation and didn't bother his wallet. So I am still waiting like a Jehova's Witness for the end of the world, but only for some help from the Blogger help group. I prefer world's ending definitively only when I also end somewhere. Now, that I have a photo blog and are member of a photo hunting group Blogger has decided to strike for the uploading service. So I clicked like mad on upload pictures and waited for hours complaining to Pookie who still lay there like a long piece of furr with a tail and ears and dreamed peacefully. Then came the relieving sign of "Done" and looking hopefully at my post there was nothing, not even half of the picture only white space. I really could have at least smashed my computer, but it wasn't it but Blogger and they are far away the "untouchables". And on top of it the theme of this saturday in my group is "food" and I had hunted for good looking plates and stuff the whole week. Now I am not frustrated but furious. I finally got the pictures in with the help of Photobucket, but still my so beautiful decorated side bar hangs down and you have to scroll to find it ! The same with this blog and here there are no pictures. I really played with the idea to go somewhere else getting other templates but how do I get all my stuff moved over ? And then unfortunately you get used too and maybe the others are even worse. So I stay and vent my anger by talking to Pookie and typing furiously. I think Pookie starts to hate Blogger too, because she opened an eye. And all that because they are pregnant with their "Beta" project (and somebody who is a beta in french is a somhow stupid person) and anyway there are more complaints then compliments for this. And then their pregnancy apparently lasts more then an elephant's one, they only have to wait about 12 months or so. When I started blogging here, it wasn't like that, definitively not. So I carry my cross (or my side bar) until it goes up again by miracle that would be the first one in my whole life !

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Hopefully tomorrow I will look like that !

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This is not for you but for Blogger !

(unfortunately the tongue is missing)

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