PC=Personal Cat
PC Pookie sat stright up on my yellow bed cover with the new green collar I had bought her and would have made a nice picture. So I told her you look very chic today. PC Pookie is not the kind of cat fishing for compliments, she knows what she is worth and looked at me, bored.
That made me think of Madame Chics. Do you know what that is ? We have a lot of them here in Waterloo.
A Madam Chic is usually bony to slim, small to tall and very often blond (but there are exceptions). She is more then well tended, wears a lot of make up and costum jewlery which may even be in real gold.
Her nails are as long as PC Pookie's claws, now square filed (because that is the fashion) with the tips in white.
The hair is so well done that you never would believe that she had been at the hairdresser's. Look natural is the motto. Of course from top to bottom she is dressed only in very expensive brands.
They overlook you with an arrogant, bored face and are snobbish, that means everybody outside her standing is not worthwile to be looked at. Usually Madame Chics are coming from very low social society and have now to show what they became that means a rich man's wife.
Unfortunately amongst rich men there are only very few who are a little handsome. The others are mostly fat, bold and big bellyed. They often are much smaller and reach their decoratif wife only a little above the shoulder. Which looks quite harmonic. They are also much older and very seldom young. That is true I said to Pookie, if you watch sport cars there are always old ugly guys sitting in or sometimes a Daddy's son (but then it's Daddy paying) Pookie now rolled up into a little snail, mumbled in her tail that she is not interested in sportcars at all !
Madame Chic's days are almost devoted to her body and then going out to show the result to the whole town. Here in Waterloo she would sit down in our (very expensive) commercial Gallery and sip her tea or coffee, but from 11 am on it's champaign.
I meet some of them in my fitness club and have always to laugh when I see how terribly they try to keep their bodies young and slim until complete exhaution sometimes. We I mean the "normal" women pitty them.
Yesterday a friend of ours who has a Jewlery Shop in the center of Waterloo saw suddenly his shop invaded by a very elegantly woman with four bodyguards ! He immediately knew that they were body guards, as they all look the same, even those of Mr. Bush. After he recovered from his shock seeing that group, he found out that she was a real princess from Saudia Arabia. But she was dressed what we call normal and her face was not veiled at all. He then presented what he had of the most expensive jewleries all gold, diamants, rubins etc.and she selected all of them and asked him to get some more, that this was not enough and she would come back on saturday. Our friend made the business of his life that day ! And we will have an increase of petrol prices.
When we moved to Waterloo it had been a very small country town and there were no supermarkets or other special shops and I always had to drive to Brussels to do my weekly shopping. But since mid 80 that had changed terribly with the coming of the American and Swedish schools. Now there are a lot of foreign business men with their families living here because of these schools so their children are close to go there.
And that's why we suddenly have so many Madame Chics here. In the cultural world there is no danger to meet them however. PC Pookie looked up, because I stopped typing and meauwed that she didn't like at all Madame Chics, because they don't love cats. A cat leaves hairs on their expensif cloths, scratches on the brand leather hand bag and hisses when they kick them away. OK I agreed.
Just found a grasshopper in my mouth, which PC Pookie had put lovingly in my coffee ! Brrr Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


That Cleaning Lady said...

I think Waterloo got famous in the 80's because of the Abba song about the town.
As for Madam chic, next time you see her strolling around, tell her she has a run in her stockings, wait to see that shocked look on her face!! YAAAAAAAAA!!! A RUN!! I'd personally like to hand her a cat -- a big furry slobbery cat like Buddy - he'd hair her up and slobber all over her expensive dress!

onemargaret said...

Hello, I like your blog and your kitty. Please visit my site, when you have the chance. Comments welcome. Have a wonderful weekend.

Viamarie said...

Thanks for visiting earlier. Enjoyed reading your posts.

Happy Saturday!

eph2810 said...

I guess your friend at the jewlery show could retire now :)
Blessings on your Saturday/Sunday...

Expat Traveler said...

lol - too funny. I love the poster. Thanks for visiting me yesterday. I had troubles putting up a reply. :)

Moobear said...

What a wonderful blog Ingrid. Thank you so much for being yourself, the kind lady that you are. Also a very gifted writer, I might add. I appreciate your comment on my blog today. You are indeed a friend that I happen to like so much! Give Pookie a meow for me please...

God Bless!

Carmen said...

we normal chicks have to laugh at the Madame Chicks to keep from kicking their scrawny butts. :)

Mousie said...

my goodness me! i thought those women only existed in films!!!i'm a poor country girl!!! enjoyed my visit here as usual...but i'm a bit worried, the cats might eat the lovely little fish.
see you

littlebitofsonshine said...

way cool bless you for writing about this it was a great and funny read i love your spelling and your wizdom.bee saafe walk in peace allways