HARD TO FIND A TITEL (about Belgium, Europe and USA)

Reading a mail I told Pookie, washing herself meticulously on my bed "do you know where you live" Pookie interrupted her washing and looked at me with an enquiring look and then returned to her occupation. Of course her geographical knowledge is limited to our garden and the neighbors and a little souvenir of the time she spend in London and then I thought about Belgium and that a lot of people don't even know where and what it is. Belgium is a very small country maybe as big as Los Angeles and souroundings and has only 10 million inhabitants. If you drive from Brussels (which is the capital and also the capital of Europe) 200 km (125 miles) to north, south, east and west you always arrive at a border. We are really in the middle of Europe, the borders are Germany, France, Holland and Luxembourg (even smaller that's a real handkerchief) But it's a very nice country although some stupid people want to be it all french speaking or the other part all people flemish (dutch) speaking, which is really crazy for such a small country. There are already enough problems to get all the countries together for a United Europe because of all these languages. That's a big problem because every country wants to be his language official but so far at least a lot of them speak english. Dutch speaking people, the Dutchs, are more intelligent for this than the flemish, they realized that dutch is only spoken in Holland and a little in Belgium, but nowhere in the whole world. So they have as second language english and with that they can go far away. *** When I visited first America it was on an invitation of my aunt, my mothers sister. She had married my uncle in 1951 and as my uncle did genealogical research as a hobby, he found out that his great great grandpa and hers were brothers ! That's really an amazing coincident. In 1971 no tourists came to America and you had to fill out kms of papers and my aunt had to bail me and send over a certified letter from a lawyer that I would not stay and looking for work. This wasn't my intention at all. At that time american people stared at me as if I would be coming from another planet and looking like ET, they had all forgotten that most of them came from Europe, at least their ancestors. One, I always remember even asked me what language were spoken in London, and he could hardly understand my explanation, that whole USA is speaking english because of irish and british immigrants. He probably thought that americans grew in a flowerbed Now americans are different, a lot of them are looking where they originally came from and we had american friends over here from dutch origin (long, long, long time ago) and she absolutely wanted to visit the town where her ancestors came from as they had given the same name of the dutch town to their new home in Wisconsin. And she bought a whole suitcase full of souvenirs from there; Indians (now called native americans) don't have to do geneaglogical researches, it's obvious where they came from, although there are not many left. I also met an american who complained about all the black people in the country and couldn't believe that they all where catched mostly in Senegal and sold as slaves to the southern states. Probably they thought they dropped from heaven in a huge black cloud. Pookie looked up as I stopped typing (she really has good ears) and as I red the text, she told me that amongst cats there are no language problems, they all speak meow and colors doesn't matter either, black, white, grey, red, patterned or not, cats are all the same. Maybe we should take that as an example

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