When I went in the bathroom this morning a big fat spider sat in the bathtube ! I almost fainted on the sink ! I hate spiders they are so ugly. Then I had an idea, I picked up PC Pookie from my bed and carried her over to the bathroom. Of course she protested, but when I showed her the ugly spider she jumped from my arms into the bath tube with a loud bang and started to play with it. It was quite noisy while she jumped and hopped in there and the spider didn't have any chance. By my next glance to the tube it had disappeared and Pookie sat happy there leaking her wiskers ! I thought about breakfast brrrr. Yesterday evening I went to a concert performed by a very famous singer at least in France and over here (Annie Cordie), she sings mostly french chansons, but also jazz and even Glenn Miller. She has an amazing strong and quite deep voice and sounds a little like Edith Piaff. All this is nothing special, but the lady was 78 years old ! And she really looked wonderful not artificial at all and what a danser ! She dansed while she was singing but not stupidly hopping around as many young singers do, no, real dancing. I knew that she started her career with 20 at the Lido in Paris and afterwards continued as a singer. But she also was very spiritual and witty and very intelligent. The hall was packed and people were even standing. Everybody participated and the ambiance was just great. All generations were represented from 8 to 80 ! And then I thought how is that possible to be so fit at this age ? I mean 78 is already something. She danced like a feather as I used to do years ago, but now I have some lead in my feet and while she was picking up flowers on the floor, I thought about my aching back when I pick up a crump. I were full of admiration and only regretted not having been dancing in the Lido at twenty ! Women like this are really an example for all of us, that it is possible to stay mobile and fit. And on top of that she had brain and was not a nice looking empty intellectual shell. From now on I promised myself, I will danse everyday through the house swinging my feather dust wiper elegantly over my head and wearing a little white apron around my hips. If Pookie could, she would have turned her eyes to god's heaven when she heard my intentions, and probably think that's now the end of her (me) and she will end up in a mad house and I am sure my husband would fully agree with her ! So (I am sighing) I will stay as I am.


eph2810 said...

Some women are amazing - they stay young at heart and body...But I think it really comes with how we view life in general...

You mentioned Edith Piaff - I remember a song I used to hear when I was a little girl...But for some reason the title totally slipped my mind - sad, but true.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

Moobear said...

Please do. Not that I don't think you would be the perfect dancer, but let's just enjoy the writings of you and Pookie.Take care friend!

God Bless.

That Cleaning Lady said...

I bet you were dancing when you saw that spider in the tub. Check out the spiders on The Token Hippie, her daughter photographed some outside spiders that are probably big enough to toss a saddle on Pookie and ride her around the garden!!
I think you'd be a fine dancer. My client has a sign on her wall that says Dance like there is no one watching... you should try that. Sounds like the thing to do while your doing your French Maid impersonnation, bet your husband will be thrilled!!!

eija said...

Yuck, spiders... I have a dog who loves chasing - and eating! - spiders and flies and ants and... He weighs only 3,5 kg (at least now, when he's 7 months old). And there's SO much cat in him!

Thanks for visiting (and commenting!) my Photo Hunt post :)

Rachelle Black said...

Ha! HA!!
I have a cat that eats spiders too. Living in the country, we have soooo, sooo many many spiders.
It is gross...
Thank heavens for Little Cat A- she crunches them down, munch-munch.