While I am looking at PC Pookie to get some inspiration, she was busy at leaking her whiskers because she had swallowed some kind of moth. Disgusting, I told her.

While I wandered through Blogville yesterday I were thinking if a blog reflects a blogger's personality. Mine probably not, as I am limited by my know how in decorating blogs or changing them completely into a Webside. But I have the chance to learn without time limit, I can learn the whole day if I wanted to and it's not like somebody who has to go in evening schools two or three times a week. So it goes much quicker and I don't give up hope, that this will come and you will see my blog decorated like a Christmas tree and you would never recognize Blogger's standard templates anymore. But as you never know, keep some hair coloring products in your bathroom, in case you get grey hairs before I know enough.

There are many kinds of blogs. The sober once, just a descrete Blogger template nothing else and in the sidebar only the strict minimum such as Blog searchers etc.

The holy once (yes that exists) mostly in black with crosses, Jesus, (or Jesusses) saints and bible citations.

The aggressif once in camouflage pattern, machine guns, flags and uniforms.

The racist once (mostly in black too) with flags, pictures of ugly and hateful looking arabs, often dear Bin Laden and as the saviour Mr. Bush. I found one who had also put a little film on his blog with a Mr. Bush speach, so when you opened the blog you could listen to what he said, or fall asleep.

These blogs are only created by men and it's amazing what an imagination they have in creating a virtual battlefield and leading a fruitful (?) war against terrorists. Of course this is much more efficient sitting safely behind a computer and shouting menaces against the ennemy, than laying wounded somewhere for some doubtful reasons. One of them even managed to put gun shots on his blog, so while you read peacefully the text, every 30 sec or so you hear bumm and probably should fell off your seat.

But fortunately there are the nice and romantic once, decorated with love, phantasy and creativity. You find blogs all in pink, with laces and little daisies, blogs with a wall paper pattern so you immediately feel like home in your bedroom or the funny once with a lot of cartoons. There are also the sparkeling once and while you are reading the text it sparkles in all corners.

Each blog is different and some of them are really very beautiful, almost artistic and you can see that it's not only what the blogger had probably learned in a school, but also his creativity and soal. Some of them are really good technicians and others are real artists.

And what we are all doing (don't deney it) while we visit other blogs, we become thiefs, yes we steel (at least I do) the nicest things just to decorate our own blog. Some bloggers are selfish, they put a safety in (I don't know how that works) so that you cannot steal a picture or whatever. Why not share ? Anyway all blogs look different.

What I also noticed that there are bloggers who in their profile, show their own photo and give a lot of information about their age and life. Others are hiding for what ever reason and you don't really know who is the person behind the blog. And this is nice too, everybody is free to do what he wants to do unless it doesn't disturb others. But so far I never met a porno Blogger ! (coming soon ...)

And here I have to add something. This morning I clicked on a link and got a shock, I saw my own face !

  • here
  • First I thought my blog went mad, and then I realized it was Mrs. Angry who I once visited because of her name ! These are nice and funny surprises.

    And another surprise I've got an email announcing me that my cramps got a Blog Award as you can see in my sidebar and I don't know why and who choose me, but I am very happy about it.

    Pookie looked happily at me too rolled up and put her nose under her tail.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting My God ! Is he stupid !


    mar said...

    First of all Congratulations!!!didn't know about this award either but it makes a lot of sense! I enjoy your writing style and your blog! maybe you will include feline decorations on your template??? I don't have enough knowledge to design a template on my own, mine is a generous contribution of a blogfriend and now I just do minor changes just for my own fun, adding buttons or little things, I try to avoid an overcrowded blog! have a wonderful friday, coffee is ready over here!

    Mrs. Angry said...

    Hello Gattina dear, I'm leaving my mark as requested. I told a white lie in my reply to your comment: I didn't leave a mark at the blog of my first commentor - a Richard Gere look-a-like (or so he claims) and I was lurking on his blog for a bit until I found out he was married. So not so much Richard Gere as Richard Grrrrr!

    That Cleaning Lady said...

    I'm still learning how to wander around and see blogs, kindof like looking in people's windows...creepy but interesting. Thanks for linking to Mrs. Angry, she sounds like someone I want to lurk around! Take care and congrats on the award!

    mousie said...

    poor gattina, you can't take any photo you would like in my blog as they are mostly made with the scan.If one day you want one tell me I'll send send by post...
    but I'm very anxious, is Mrs Angry going to keep your cats while you go in Turkey...Mind her micro-wave§ LOL
    anyway go on enjoying yourself...you notice I'm not a racist I talk to "non beta girls..."
    have a good day dear...