Pookie woke me up because she swang her tail around my face and it tickled me and suddenly I thought I should write about beards. As you can see a cat is the source of all inspirations. .. 

While shopping I saw a man late in his I don't know what, because he looked much older I suppose. I only could see a little spot of his face as the rest was covered by a wild growing beard, red ! On the top of his head he had a few hairs left, slipped to the back and there was hanging a tiny little pony tail. It looked like if the missing hair had slipped down to his face. He probably found himself a superman. I didn't. I gave the poor man a disgusted look and rushed to the exit.  

Beards to me are ugly, but that is a taste question. Many women like beards. But the worst thing for me is an unshaved man. That really looks dirty, especially when the man has dark hairs and then his skin looks like covered with coal dust and hedgehog spikes. The blond once are not better as they very often have a dark beard. 

It is really funny I told Pookie, what nature can create . Pookie looked at me and turned around. She didn't care, cats have no beards. So I tried to find out the variations myself. Dark haired man with red haird beard, idem with dark beard idem with spotted beard red/black idem with spotted beard black/blond. 

 Blond man with dark beard idem with red that's for the younger generation. The other once are all mixed with grey or totally grey. So if you like beards you have a choice. For the moment it's very fashionable not to shave. A beard of three days is a must. Even advertising has taken over this fact and the models are all looking dirty in their faces (I mean the males, not the girls of course). Actors too think that looking dirty is sex appealing and more and more are showing their not mowed lawn beard.  

When the better half of me (I have my doubts about better) doesn't shave even for one day, he looks like the worst criminal mafia boss of all times. I don't even have to put a "wanted" sign on him, because I am sure if he would go like that through a border control, he WOULD be arrested. And then I would have all the troubles to prove that he is a peacemaker and not a terrorist or a drug dealer or a serial killer to get him out. 

Even in his normal neatly shaved face he always gets stopped at a border. That's why I always take another exit with the things to smuggle. Apparently I look innocent. ...Maybe that's why I don't like beards and even less an unshaved man ! I hit my keyboard with energy telling this to Pookie and she gave me a look saying that she sincerely has doubts about the health of my brain.

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That Cleaning Lady said...

I like a shaped neat clean beard, but not shaggy unruly nasty face hair. When my other half doesn't shave for a few days, I complain because his whiskers stick me when he kisses me. I pull back and wince and say yuck to him, and finally he gets the hint and goes to shave. Usually in the winter time he grows a beard, but now he knows that I like him to keep it trimmed and neat, not shaggy and hanging in his food. He wouldn't get stopped at the border, but he gets funny looks because he looks so much older with the beard, and his head is bald on top, so he looks like someone from ZZ top with a shaggy nasty beard. One time I offered to trim his fur, he said no thanks, and next day it was all gone. I love his smooth shaved face... so sweet.