This morning waking up I told myself that I have no ideas about what subject I could write today. No alcoholics, drug consumers, and not even Blogger problems inspired me. Thinking about Blogger I came to Blog and then to the question : "why do I blog? " and what had changed that in my life for me and my surroundings. I pushed my personal cat aside and told her "now I know "! Pookie woke up and was upset.

When I started looking into internet, I had never heard about the word "blog". Nobody had around me. I looked it up in Wikkipedia and read :

"A weblog, which is usually shortened to blog, is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), displayed in a reverse chronological order.

In what order ? in a reverse what does that mean ? And a diary on Internet ? But who cares when I fight with my husband, forgot to water the plants, to buy bread or chat with my friends on the phone ?

"Blogs often provide commentary or news and information on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries.

Should I write how long are my Spaghettis and how do I peel potatoes ? Very interesting indeed.

A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic.

And it combines, yes, that I understand, but what is a link (have to look in Wikkipedia)

The word blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog."

So if I write in a Blog, I would blog. So far so good, but where can I find a "Blog" ? I asked good old Google and got the answer !

There were Blogs, blogs and blogs, and finally I could read a blog and even understood what people are doing with a blog. Hurrah, I will do that too, I told Pookie (who angrily waved her tail because of my "hurrah"), and found Blogger.

Now I sat there in front of my new born Blog, reading "save as Draft" "Publish post" and Post and Comment options and and and... My head blow up to a baloon. And then, about what should I write ?

I knew that a friend of mine was doing researches about her ancestors and created a family tree. She even mangaged to trace them back until 1700 something. Wonderful ! But my family ? I knew that the grandma of my grandma was the mistress of a count and lived with him in a castle taking care of his laundry (that was her initial profession) but that was it. The others were apparently too normal. Anyway it's good to know that I have a few drops of noble or even royal blood in my veins. Pookie looked impressed. And looking at her, suddenly the inspiration came ! I would talk about cats, travels and my paintings. And this way my first blog was born.

People around me started to doubt about my mental health. What is she doing again ? She talks greek now. In fact amongst all my friends there are only two who can handle a computer.

They all started to complain that I was only talking blog, that when they visited me I would show them my blog. I don't do that anymore because some of them couldn't understand why pictures of my cats where suddenly on a screen and I had to explain how, without any success.

They took me for a kind of David Copperfield. My husband whom I asked for help sometimes, told me that he had no time, excuse which all men have when they don't know something.

Even my son let me down, explaining that blogs are stupid. But when I told him that pictures of "his" cats would be in there he even had a look but no comments. One day I sent him a mail telling that I edited a new post about Pookie (she belonged to him, but ended up with me being my personal cat) which he didn't receive and finally found in his junk mail ! This is also an experience as I have never been in a garbadge can before not even a virtual one.

So I felt like an unknown genius and retired offended in my shell. But not for long as I got more and more comments and visits on my blog. I even had to split it and create a second one.

I also became more philosophical, I just don't care anymore. I go out with my friends talking "normal" about crimes, fashion and men and don't bother them anymore with pictures and texts appearing suddenly on a computer screen. The one who is in the ancestors business reads me and the other one too. Besides that Pookie supports me in any way, as she is always sleeping on my bed while I am breeding my texts or sometimes dares to walk over my keyboard creating wonderful things which are very hard to delete.

Result of all this : It's hard to be a modern "old woman" as handling a computer at my age is like being a witch in the middle-age. Of course for a man it's completely different !

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The way to be a modern grandma !


Moobear said...

as usual, another great blog! I so much enjoyed it and so thankful that Google helped YOU to find blogger! What an asset your blogs are to Blogsville!
Thanks for all the laughs you give me!
God Bless!

Paul said...

I love this "No, you weren't downloaded when your were born"

Just one thing, about the back round matching the color and not the text.
If you want I can try to help?

A little advice.

Actually just change the text color different and you'll be fine. With a darker text. Unless of course, you wanted it that way then it's perfect.