I am really angry. Since one week I try to get some help to fix the side bar on my travel blog. Nothing to do. From Blogger/Google help groups I got no or sometimes stupid answers such as : "pray to god". That indeed is a very good idea ! But to which god should I pray ? To the jewish one, the christian one or maybe Mohamed could help ? I think I should use jewish or islam or both, because they like to fight and terrorise each other. I could do that with Blogger. In fact asking me to pray was not a so bad idea.
Thinking about god, maybe it would be even better to ask the Blogger Gods. Because the "support" I asked already. But, either they are sleeping, or taking a sunbath, or are in love, in any case I haven't got a single answer. They are just dump like fishes.
Thinking that over I came to the conclusion that maybe love is involved, although it's not really the season. It's not spring anymore and not yet automn. If Blogger help people would respect nature rules, like cats for example, they should only fall in love in spring or autumn. So asking them now to help me should be a good time. But it's also true you never know when you fall in love. That's the difference between us and cats. They are less complicated too, the female has just to put her head in the garbidge can and ... it's done. And they would never loose their mind because of love as Blogger people probably do. I only asked for a little problem about html codes and only what means
"Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is broken:
here I tried to copy the broken HTLM, but nothing to do I am NOT allowed. It just doesn't show up in preview !

that should be nothing for them. But no, as they have other things in mind I have to remind them every day twice. Without success of course. Now if I could add an alarm or a noisy bell to my emails maybe that would wake them up ? Does anybody know such a thing ? That would really be a great help to me. Can you imagine what it would be in Blogger's offices ? It would be so loud that they would all wake up or forget about love, because I am not the only one having troubles.


And then they would have a good excuse not to answer, because of the sudden noice they all dropped from their chairs like dead flies and broke fingers and arms, (legs would be no trouble) as now they really cannot answer any more because they are unable to use the KEYBOARD.


So apparently I have to wait and be patient which is not at all one of my qualities and get a stomac ulcer. But then I would have a reason to take them to court for MORAL DAMAGE.


Meanwhile I am dreaming happyly about 3px#333 ..........


Moobear said...

You go gurl! I just saw your new blog linked at the blogger helpsite? Heavens forbid a person needs help from them!!
Hope you are going to keep this one. If something fails, my template is like yours, so maybe I could be a bit more help to you, as I have not been able to help ya with the sidebar droopsies.
Take care my friend. Tell Arthur hello for me.
God Bless!

Gattina said...

WELCOME to my new blog !
You are the first one posting a comment. Thank you !