I think that a lot of men are quite egomaniac. They are convinced that they know everything better or that they are absolutely irresistible. Especially those who are bald, with a belly of a 15 months pregnant woman, and a big wallet.

I used to work for a while as an assistant to three sales managers. The first one was an English gentlemen, with suit and tie, mostly the same, always friendly and I strictly have nothing to say about him. The second was a nice guy, happily married and became a friend to us. The third was a case for a psychiatric clinic. He had 4 mistresses and a wife, and of course he thought I would join the group. Not only jumping on his phone to answer but also in his bed, was apparently completely normal. I told him I prefer my own bed and sent him to hell and we became good friends. At that time sexual harassement didn't exist otherwise I would be a rich woman today with winning all trials and getting compensations. I started to pity the poor guy, women were flying around him like butterfles around flowers or maybe flies around something else.

Sometimes when he was on the phone with one, I had another to comfort, inventing trips or meetings. The only person he really loved was his wife and she was a great person. I didn't have to lie to her and also would have refused that. But not only I had to handle the enarmoured girls by phone, but he also asked me to answer their love letters, which was quite difficult as I was always afraid of mixing them up.

So I wrote with my typewriter the texts and he copied them per hand. He was very happy with this solution and they apparently were happy too. And as I already loved writing, it was OK for everybody. I have to admit that this was a real funny period of my career.

When I was a little older I started to replace all my medical specialists by women. The first was my gynecologist. He was very nice in handling pregnant women, but when it came to menopause he was completely lost.

Women psychological functions were nomanland to him. So I looked for a female one. In the 80 that was not so easy as there were mostly men because they are convinced to know women better then women themselves. Finally I found one, but she was an old dragon who had forgotten all her femininity with her studies. But then I found a very nice young women who helped me such a lot that I don't even remember anything which a normal person has to suffer as all my friends did. Now since years all my doctors (even for eyes and ears) are women, except our family doctor who is a very nice and understandable man (and has such a nice black bag to sit in, added cat Pookie washing her tail now)

The Google/Blogger help group inspired me too for understanding men. There are some who are so bigheaded that they are unable to answer in normal english. If they answer it is always with such a technical language, that a normal constituated human being is unable to understand that, or they are sending you from one address to another.

I found a poor girl who had dificulties with uploading pictures that's easy to answer. No she got back a whole sermon in technical words so that she wrote : "I am only using the computer, I am not a technician, can you please answer my question in simpler words" poor girl didn't get an answer the guy involved had forgotten to use simple words. I am sure when you say : I was born in winter, he would say : I was uploaded in beta season 3

And then there are others who have a real problem with women such as this one who wrote about a female terrorist :

"My first thought is that perhaps she was carrying things in her vagina, something criminal females do on a regular basis, some criminals put drugs and even razors up their vaginas as no one ever searches there!

Even so, I don't think she could stick all of that up her vagina, I'm not a female so I don't know the spacial contraints involved, but it seems that that she must have carried on at least some of those items. "

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Kathy said...

Thank you for the supportive comment you left for me. Things seem to be working again, and I have been looking at your sites. Blogging is new to me, so your encouragement is appreciated. I can see how much work you've put into yours and look forward to building mine!