Since I was thirteen I wrote a diary and everyday I wrote to myself. When I was eighteen I gave it up, not because I didn't want to write anymore but because I thought maybe my parents would read it although until that day I didn't have the impression. But I also think I gave it up because I found it a little stupid to write to myself.

Then began the time where I wrote to my girlfriends and as usual when I begin, I cannot stop. But they loved my letters and even if I only got an answer of two lines, for me the most important thing was to write. When I felt in love for the first time, I had no time anymore and my head was busy with other things. Then I married and it was the same, and when I became mother I hadn't any time at all for writing letters.

So the years went by. When our son left home, I started to paint and as I was still working half days I went three times a week in evening art school courses. That was a wonderful and very interesting time. But when the school director had been replaced, everything changed and I didn't like it anymore. I didn't want to give up my courses and I found another one organized by our city. And I am still there.

Painting was nice but didn't fulfil me completely I needed something more but what ? When I came back from my travel to Egypt where I had discovered Petra (Jordan) I wanted to know more about it and started looking in Internet. I also were looking for the history of egyptian cats, as I had noticed that there were so many represented in old designs.

That way I started to become curious about using a computer otherwise than for writing emails or letters. From Petra and the Egyptian cats I landed up in forums. That was quite nice, I could give my opinions and if I new better also an advice. But after a while I found it boring. Then I dont't know how, I discovered publicities about blogs. I had not a clue what that was. I asked around me, nobody knew. Finally I found an explantion in Wikipedia and I jumped into the adventure.

I didn't know how to create a blog, what to write and but then finally I started with my travel blog. I bravely followed the instructions and ... oh surprise it worked and I could publish for the first time in my life.

When I got the first comments or mails I really was happy. Finally somebody read what I had to say ! And then looking at my cats I started with the Cat Blog. But where I had choosen to publish my blogs, there was a problem. They didn't accept unlimited pictures. So I found Blogger. It's true that sometimes I have troubles with them and a lot of people are complaining about the service, but the people I met here are so nice that in spite of these facts I have no intention to leave.

Concerning me, you can read it in my profile. The fact that I am living in Belgium iwas that my father started working for the Commun Market (Now European Union) at it's very begining in 1957. My mother and I then followed 1959 . I got used to it, met my husband and stayed.

I love to live in Waterloo, it's a very international city. We have a lot of American, British and Swedish families living here. It's a very open minded city.

I think thats enough presentation, you will know me better with the time.

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