Yesterday I met a friend who complained bitterly that getting older is awful. I thought about this and looking at Pookie as usual sitting on my bed, and asked her what do you think ? Pookie apparently thought nothing as she continued to wash herself and anyway she doesn't have this problem as she has no wrinkles in her fur and her whiskers are still black. (This is the only thing women don't want to have)

And then I thought about all my friends whom I knew since ages and suddenly found out that they don't have the same faces or bodies anymore as when I met them first. Although some of them hadn't put on weight and still had the same silhouette. Fortunately I belong to them.

Usually I completely forget that I am "old" now, and when somebody proposes me an excursion organized for "seniors" I am always surprised. Not because of vanity but I have the problem sitting in an old shell and feeling still the same like I was in my thirties. That's a real problem because sometimes it really doesn't fit.

I can't hop around on dancing floors as I used to, or dancing a Rock 'n Roll being thrown over a man's shoulder. Or flirting around with young men. That would really look ridiculous. I don't wear a bikini any more because I think with an "old" face on a good conserved body it's better to leave this to women who still have the adequate face.

Faceliftings are not really a solution sometimes after that, women look as if they had a stretched mask instead of a face and then I think you look much more attractive when you stand to your face. The only thing I still do is wearing jeans. This even became my daily uniform.

I don't wear fancy dresses or sophisticated suits I even have no skirt or dresses anymore, I like myself in trousers. I am happy I don't have to dress up because I have to work and being with office people. Now when I go out, I put trousers on and something chic as a top and that's it. Then I feel well.

Sometimes when I look in a mirror I am surprised that I don't see the face I had with 30 and have to remember that this was 30 years ago. Never mind that's not the point.

Some of my friends, fortunately not many are already living in their coffin talking all the time about "at my time" which gets on my nerves. Why are they saying "their time" they are still alive and when was this time ?

When I ask them they look surprised and probably realize that there is no special time in your life. It's all per episodes. And then they start complaining about wrinkles, hairs and thick veines etc as if there were nothing more important in life. Besides going out in restaurants, movies and shopping they do nothing !Oh yes they do something, they drink and a lot mostly wine. There are only two of them and I know them such a long time that they are part of my furniture and we still have the past to share. Some others work for nothing for a few hours in hospitals which is very nice as it helps them to be useful.

But most of my friends are dealing very well with getting older. They even don't realize. They have a lot of occupations such as photography, painting, or organizing festivities they get never bored and most important they are full of humor, and enjoy life.

To be able to do things you love but you had never the time to do is just wonderful . You can travel as you like you don't have to pay attention to school holidays, you can go to bed whenever you want you don't have to work or get up for the children, you can get up early or late, nobody cares (except the husband if they have one), in short they are free.

I also have a very good relationship with people in their 30 or younger probably because I have my problem with still being (not feeling) 30. But there is also an advantage of being 30 years older :

And there is one woman in my life who is my example : my grandma. She was wonderful at any age and even took care of the bookkeeping of much younger women when she was already far in her 80 and was amusing and witful until she felt off her armchair at 95 watching her favorite TV show and died.

What do you think about all this I asked Pookie who had curled into a ball and snored. And as I had no sign as an answer I think I said everything I wanted to say, except the things I forgot.

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Moobear said...

I think getting old is wonderful! I appreciate my birthdays now more than I ever had.
You said it well and made it so much fun to read as always. Keep it up my friend.
God Bless!

Jenn said...

hahaha, dear friend, you can be so witty! I love the way you said it, we get to do the things that we didn't get to do when we are so occupied with the lives of others when we are younger...looking forward to getting into 60s, but will have to take it slow and steady:)