I am more and more convinced that Blogger is haunted ! (by the way, my Blogger Robot hasn't found an answer yet on my problem and no human is in sight) When you read the Blogger/Google Help group you will notice that the list of problems becomes long and longer and will probably reach the summit of 100 miles at least by end of the year.
Sometimes people really try to help and are very nice but sometimes you also get real stupid answers and you wonder if the guy only read your problem. For example :
"I checked all the Htlm codes to find the missing closing tag and couldn't find anything."
answer : "Did you check you Htlm codes ? Your closing tag might be missing "!
or :
Blogger support gives me the robot answer which I know by heart now. They are all sleeping or maybe in love or understaffed. I really don't know what to do anymore.
answer :
Did you reply to their robot answer. Recently, I needed them to remove the word verification for my posting by contacting them via the contact form which you can get by clicking the "talk to us" link in the post
Isn't that nice ? So helpful people. With such answers your problem is finally solved.
In short, help yourself, as the french speaking people say : Nobody can serve you better than yourself !"
But there are other strange things happening when you read Help groups.
Help ! My Blog has been stolen !
My posts disappeared
I can't log in
Only half of my blog appears
Help - about to give up and die - my side bar slipped to the bottom
I have no sidebar anymore I am American-Italian NOT in the Mafia. Maybe I should start another blog on the so-called "Italian experience"?
My husband is also not in the MAFIA I want to point out here ...
And then it get's really dramatic
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you go to my blog after typing www. in front of it, it is not the updated version you see when you omit the www. after the http. I'm obvioiusly new at this, but I NEED HELP !
HELP my retarded half baked blog is still pink and I don't like the color I am begging for help !
Poor girl I suppose it is a woman exposing such dramatic problem for blog colors.
There are also a lot complaining about uploading pictures. Yes, that's another problem. You choose your picture, click on upload and wait and wait and wait and ... click on "done" (loud sigh) you look at your draft and .... nothing is done at all ! No picture only your text. So you try again and again and finally you are looking for a photo hosting company from where you can copy and paste the htlms (again) in your draft. At least that is quick. But then you see complaints like this :
Hello. I tried to browse one picture into my blog, and it turned out duplicating six times. How do I delete the other five versions of the same photograph?
Isn't that a lucky person ? 6 pictures in one shot ! That never happens to me I didn't even get ONE picture ! And on top of that he is complaining about that, I would be happy !
For all these reasons there must be a Blogger phantom (not an opera phantom) weaseling invisible and dumb around causing dramatic damages so that people are thinking of suicide. That makes me thoughtful and worried about my blogger pals. I think Blogger should hire an exsorcist who could check and maybe find the culprit ? Or the priest who also asked for help maybe he could come with his smells, bells and costumes ? Not to forget the rosary and a nice huge cross ?
I am convinced that would help and we would have no problems anymore with sidebars, htlm tags etc.
And the priest could also help people like this who asked Google for help :
I wish You a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy. I can't work, health problems. My husband lost his job, out everyday trying to find a new one. He's never took a hand-out, always paid his own way, now son is paying the bills. Things are getting real tight. Can you send one $1, enough of them & we won't have to sell anything else. 158 Cedar Creek Rd. If not one $1 then a prayer that better days are coming, he'll find work.
Did you know that Google Help is also good for that ? So if you have debts, you need money, you have health problems, your partner run away, your husband is poisening you, your child takes drugs, you want to kill your mother in law and need a professional killer, your dog needs a vet just write to Help Group and they will do everything possible to help you ! (Maybe you should also try the Blogger Robot ?)

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Moobear said...

Ingrid, indeed you are Blogger Helps saving grace! This should stir them out of their trance,but only if they know of these vast suggestions. So, you should post your post to the help blogger and robots section that so bady need a "saviour" to inform them of their shortcomings!Thanks for all the chuckles my friend!
God Bless