For the moment I like mornings but this is quite new. Most of my life I hated mornings and woke only up at noon, before that I slunk around like a sleep walker.

When I was a child of course I had to get up for school. Then I had to get up to work but on weekends I could sleep. Not at the beginning as I lived with my parents and my father belonged to the persons stuck to principals and forgetting to live. His favorite speach was when you complained " I don't know anybody who ..." That really got on my nerves, as he only looked at the same kind of people as him. So for peace sake, I got up sitting with them at breakfast table at 9 h (not a minute later) ate a little bit and disappeared in my bed again. Anyway what I did after breakfast was of no concern to him as I had respected his breakfast principals. Ever since I hate breakfasts !

When I lived alone I savoured the fact that I could sleep as long as I wanted to and before noon I wouldn't leave my bed. That was the same at the beginning of our mariage, for the first time since I had left my parents, in my mariage there were no principals at all. The only must in our lives was the work, where we had to respect time, but on weekends we just did what we wanted, getting up when we wanted, eating when we wanted there were no hours. My old man found that a gipsy living way, but I prefer to be a gipsy then being full of principals that would bother my life. Then came the baby and finished was the gipsy life ! Now I had to get up and very early ! And I started to dream of the time he would get older and LET ME SLEEP !

Indeed, he became older and going out he usually slept until 11 or 12 and as I had suffered so much with principals, I didn't say anything, just was jalous that he could sleep and I not anymore.

I started to walk around again like the sleepwalker even on week-ends. When I stopped working and son was out of the house, I was furious about myself, because I woke up around 7 as I had to when I worked. It was bewitched ! Then I decided not to be angry with myself any more but to stay in bed until 10 at least and reading books. Which I did. I had a book consumption like a tiger with raw meat !

The worst thing was that my son made fun of myself because I got up with the birds ! And that was his fault. Now I am rubbing my hands with an expecting smile and wait for my revenge ! That is when he becomes a dad and cannot sleep until noon any more ! HE HAS TO GET UP and even during nights. Hee, Hee !

Since I started blogging, now I appreciate the mornings I get up more and more earlyer so that husband and son are convinced that I am crazy. Maybe, but I feel good. Sometimes I am already sitting at my computer at 4 pm when others are just going to bed. And this is not because I go to sleep as early as chicken, no it's always around 10/11h. Pookie my personal cat doesn't like that because her majesty is disturbed in her sleep.

And how people change during their lifes ! My husband for example who never looked at a watch during the first years of mariage has become a walking watch ! He get's up with the watch, walks with the watch, eats with the watch and sleeps with the watch. Now that he is retired he became as ponctual as a train (if the train is not late) . I don't care, as long as he doesn't eat any breakfast and prepares the percolator in the evening and doesn't want to have lunch on the table AT NOON, I prepare supper at 7 because I am also hungry.

Maybe in a couple of years I will blog in the evenings and sleep until noon again who knows ? But then I am sure my son will need grandma services and ... see above !


Moobear said...

Oh the memories! Again we are so similiar in our ways. I do love the truth of your blogs that adhere to the everyday things that we DID and Do in our lives. Thanks for making a good blog that I am now, as every morning ,reading right along with my morning coffee and cigarette. Thanks Ingrid.
God Bless!
PS-- I went to blogger review. I saw your comment and posted one as well. :P

That Cleaning Lady said...

Ahh, those sleep in days of yesterday, before the baby. Now I get up because my cats demand to be fed at 6:30 every day. No way around it, they cry at the door to my bedroom like they are starved in a prison camp. So, I slump out there, feed them and then go back to bed some days, but usually I stay up and get started on my work day. This week we're on vacation, and have been sleeping in late every day, going to bed late too. I used to sleep every day late till my daughter was born, then she always slept late then had her baby, and no more gypsy life for her and her boyfriend either, makes ME rub my hands and say hehe too!! =-). Now I wish I could stay up late and sleep in all the time, maybe when I stop working I will. As for you Ingrid, enjoy your craziness, and I wish I could be there to see your son get crazy over having to get up with the baby!! Maybe Arthur will bring him a loaf and a cup of coffee to cheer him up!
Oh, by the way, I sent you an album of pictures to your e-mail.