As I read all these complaints in Blogger/Google help groups, I also looked at those blogs and then got the idea just to look at my "neighbor's blog" so I clicked on "next blog". Surprise, somebody wrote about birthday cakes. Hmm, nice subject very interesting and the pictures of the cakes ! Quickly I went to the next blog. Ah, that was a 29 year old guy who asked the whole world if he is not loveable, because his girlfriend left him. Poor guy, I told Pookie as usual on my bed is he really not loveable ? Pookie didn't know, me either. Next blog, a girl writing about a shopping day in New York. Quite nice, I even know now, when she had to go to the toilet... after 3 shops. That is exactly what the world wants to know.
The next blog was a just freshly baked father who wrote and showed pictures about his new born son. That was very cute I told Pookie, she thought that too. Then a black blog with holy pictures (what a contrast, first the cute baby and now I am in hell, that's also blogging) I admired a beautiful dressed Mary with a lot of jewelry holding an adult "baby" with a crown on one arm and something looking like a stick with a ball on top in the other, must have been a very rich Mary dressed like that I remarked to Pookie, who fully agreed again. The other pictures were so cruel that I quickly switched to the next blog. This one was interesting too. A girl wanted to be Loïs and making love with Superman. That's also an idea, why not but with which one, the old or the new ? I asked Pookie, she didn't know either. The next blog informed us about what he all would leave behind. I noticed that is was nothing special not even a $ or a € and with ideas I cannot buy anything, so click and the next blog. A guy who wrote : I often dream of trains. Of trains his age ? He was 26 years old. Honestly I mean that is not normal shouldn't he dream about Paris Hilton for example ? Pookie also thought that this was a poor guy. And then somebody wanted to convince all of us bloggers that Jesus really exists. Had he doubts ? But his blog was also black.
I wonder why all people talking about religion are choosing black templates ? Is there a psychological reason ? Pookie opened an eye. Maybe she told me yes. And then the letters were so small that I had to put my nose on the screen and quickly gave up. My eyes started to burn. I wonder why most of the bloggers are writing in "normal" maybe they don't want to be large ? And of course normal sounds better than large. That's true that must be the reason. And then they never heard about paragraphs. So you cannot even stop to get a rest, no, in front of you is a long long waterfall of letters (normal). As if they had to pay for the space (I cannot say paper)
The following blogs also were very interesting :
A guy who described how he mowed the lawn and how good he did that and that a sparrow watched him. He didn't mention the height of the grass.
A blog in German about recepes. Only recepes. So if somebody wants to inspire himself go to this blog and learn cooking !
A blog about elephants. That's interesting, he writes about elephants and I write about cats. The only notable difference is that elephants take more space and are not sitting on your lap.
A blog with only pictures of a 7th floor empty appartment in New York. Where is the furniture I asked myself, founding the naked walls boring.
A nun !!! I almost fell off my chair. She prayed on her blog long long long long long prayers. I gave it up. (the template was also black)
And then I were instructed about knitting a shawl. I don't wear them so I switched to the next blog.
That was really very interesting ! I learned that ultrasons affects a pregnant mouse's brain ! If they know it why expose her then ? Stupid people. I told Pookie, she agreed she likes it better to hunt and not fumbling around with ultrasons.
A completlely blank blog with an egnimatic profile informed me that he/she is moving. Ah, but from where to where ?
Another black template, of course a priest, informing the whole world that catholic church is the best and we should all go to Rome and see the Pope. OK I will think about that, when I will go to Rome so far I haven't been there yet.
Then I arrived at a blog of a depressed person, (she said so), who only supported mice. Yes, that's exact, mice. Quite unusual but when you are depressed why not mice ? I prefer cats. After a while I had enough and started thinking. Why the heck people are talking about such subjects which weren't even subjects ? Or leave a blank blog ? The knitters, recepe writers, elephant lovers, lovesickness or depression I can understand, but a 7th floor empty apartment etc is hard to understand. Should ask Freud. But he is dead and in his books there are not yet bloggers. But there also were very touching and sensible once. Like a young woman who wrote about her fear against men because she had been raped at 11. Or a 60 year old nurse who was in Vietnam and Libanon during the wars and the horrors she had seen there
or another who suffered from feeling excluded because her father was black. Or a blog called prison talk, where a young inmate writes about her daily life in prison. For these people blogging is really a great invention, because it enables people to "spit" it all out. And not feeling alone, because there are comments. I love blogging too, because for the first time in my life I can write and people are reading me. Before blogging all my texts disappeared in a drawer or in the waste paper basket. And that brings me to the word : "Traffic"
In the help group people were complaining about the fact that they had no trafic inspite of all the blog searches or whatever they had subscribed to. By curiosity I went on those blogs, but there were nothing to read ! Only complaints about not having "trafic" That's what I put in one comment too. And of course companies are exploiting that with huge advertisments such as
Get More Traffic Instantly!... And For FREE! Give your Site a Boost! Join the TrafficZap exchange today !
But what is that for ? You have or you have not "trafic" I prefer the word visit, as I prefer a visitor to a trafficker. Do those people muddle up their cars or their drugs with their blogs ? And then we are not here as accountants to make statistics about how many people are visiting or not your blog. Important is what you are writing.
So and now I have bored you enough, I will do like Pookie, I go to my bed ! There is only cat trafic on.

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It's hard to believe that there are over 52 million blogs out there, and that they increase by 10,000 per day!