For the moment a big drama is going on in this house ! Old Lisa decided to squat my bed and personal cat Pookie had to move out. I cannot interfere as I am supposed to love them both the same way. I am sure of loving them both, but each one in another way. Now they are jealous and hiss and snap at each other and I the poor subject of this jealousy is sitting here and got the inspiration of writing about jalousy ! I told Pookie "don't be jealous" and then thought about me.

Many women are jealous or even abnormaly jealous, of course men too. When you talk about jealousy you automaticaly think it concerns a woman being jealous about another because she is afraid that the other one would take her man away. Same for men against men.

I am unable to understand that. I have never ever been jealous because of another woman. Not because there were no occasions there surely were but it isn't part of my nature. And anyway if the guy wants to look elsewhere and thinks that he would be more happy let him go, there are so many mothers having nice sons.

Sometimes when I hear "don't tell this or that to my husband/wife, he/she is very jalous" just because we are going shopping or have a drink together, I really pity them.

Some women are standing everyday in front of the office door to pick up their husbands not leaving him alone for a minute and some women are not allowed to have any friends and go out of their own.

That's not for me, I would feel like in a prison and then anyway if I cannot trust somebody he is of no interest to me.

I had once a boyfriend who watched every step I did and called me several times a day to check if I were there, office or home, and that made me feel like having a boa around my neck strangling me slowly or a chuddy under my shoes, preventing me from walking. So I had to say good bye to the guy, but he wouldn't give up for a year even when I was busy with my wedding preparations. Some people are really stickers !

But there are other ways of jalousy. Beeing jalous about the neigbor's bigger car, or the jewlery hanging around a woman's neck, or because somebody has more money, goes often on holidays or has a better job.

These things also don't bother me at all and I don't care if a car is bigger than mine, or the jewelry or the other things. But I can be jalous about other things not material ones, not about couples but about family life.

I am jalous when I hear that this or that friend had a family party with aunt, oncles, nephews, grandmas etc and I have none. When I do a family party we are just the four of us and the cats of course, I almost forgot ! My husband has only one sister living far away and I still have two cousins, but my dear father had broken all contacts to his sister so that I had no contact to her two daughters. There is another one, a daughter of my mother's cousin but she also lives very far away, so we have to do our parties alone, I mean not alone, we still have a lot of fun.

Fortunately we have a lot of friends and our son too and that compensates the lack of family. And then when I see what happens in certain families between brother, sister, mother father, uncles and aunts so that you could write a whole book about the family meetings, then finally I tell myself you choose your friends but you inherit your family.

Pookie said yes and settled down on the stool besides my desk and looked with jealous eyes at my bed. Lisa was still there.


toxic_i said...

Thanx to Old Lisa!!!!!
Wanna try Blogcharm??

Gattina said...

He's really toxic ! Don't open that's just a guy from India who wants to sell some stupid stuff and make us rich ! Of course if you want to be rich then go ahead !